Yakutia Airlines BQS Terminal – Ignatievo-Blagoveshchensk International Airport


Yakutia Airlines whisks you away from the BQS Terminal A to various destinations, however, for an excellent trip, you can get benefits from BQS insider facts. You can escape the chaotic travel with the BQS terminal’s services. Moreover, you can explore the details regarding Yakutia Airlines BQS Terminal to explore seamlessly, access amenities easily, and upgrade your overall trip. 

Overview of Yakutia Airlines BQS Terminal

Airport NameIgnatievo-Blagoveshchensk International Airport
Yakutia Airlines BQS AddressIgnatyevskaya Rd, Blagoveshchensk, Amur Oblast, Russia, 675019
Airport CodeBQS
Yakutia Airlines BQS Contact No+7 416 249-49-49
Yakutia Airlines BQS terminal arrivalsMain Terminal
Yakutia Airlines BQS terminal departuresMain Terminal
Working Hours24 hours
Official Yakutia Airlines Websitehttps://www.yakutia.aero
Yakutia Airlines Facebook Accountwww.facebook.com/yakutia.aero
Yakutia Airlines Telegram Accountt.me/yakutia_aero
Yakutia Airlines Instagram Accounthttps://www.instagram.com/yakutiaairlines/

Comfortable Arrival with Yakutia Airlines BQS Terminal:

Baggage troubles? You can get a suitable solution at the Terminal A of Yakutia Airlines Ignatievo-Blagoveshchensk International Airport, where Yakutia Airlines makes your arrivals as smooth as possible. You can relax, grab a bite to eat, and easily claim your luggage, so let the airport be your first taste of Siberian hospitality. 

Make your Departure Hassle-Free with Yakutia Airlines Ignatievo-Blagoveshchensk International Airport Terminal

Yakutia Airlines operates flights from the Terminal A at Ignatievo-Blagoveshchensk International Airport, facilitating easy boarding procedures. Check-in is a breeze with self-service booths and devoted counters, and security anticipates simply steps away. Moreover, you can loosen up in airline lounges before boarding, realizing your trip is good to go. 

Top-notch Amenities by Yakutia Airlines BQS Terminal 

Yakutia Airlines knows that the trip doesn’t end at the air terminal doors. At BQS, you are welcomed by a wide range of services, and they take special care of every need. Whether you long for a delicious feast, need a last-minute keepsake or just need to loosen up in a kid play region, BQS takes care of you. 

Look at the amenities, you will get at BQS Terminal; 

  • Baggage Claim Carousels 
  • Meeting and Greeting Points 
  • Duty-free Shops and Stores 
  • Private/Public Transport 
  • Wifi/Internet Services 
  • Parking Garages/Services 
  • Airline and Airport Lounges 
  • Food, Cafes, and Restaurants 
  • Retail and Shopping Malls 
  • Car Rental Agencies 
  • Seat/Class Upgrade Options 
  • Boarding Gated 
  • Security Checkpoints 
  • Immigration and Customs 

Check-in with ease

Travelers can involve self-service stands or monitored counters for proficient and helpful check-in before their flights. Whether travelers pick the comfort of self-service or choose customized help, the objective is to guarantee that the check-in process is capable, useful, and custom-made to individual preferences. 

Baggage Services

Facilities are given to checking in and recovering things, guaranteeing a smooth and organized travel experience. You can drop off your checked baggage, their baggage service handles the transfer of luggage between flights without any hassle. In case you lose your baggage, their team helps you to locate and recover your lost luggage. 


Yakutia Airlines Ignatievo-Blagoveshchensk International Airport Terminal offers Internet access for travelers, allowing them to remain connected and engaged during their waiting time for flights. Wi-Fi upgrades the overall traveler experience, making the time spent at the air terminal more charming and convenient.

Relax in Elegant Lounges

Elite lounges offer premium travelers a comfortable retreat with conveniences like Wi-Fi, bites, and refreshments, upgrading the general travel insight. Their team goes past giving essential conveniences to create an oasis spring of serenity, adding an extra layer of complexity to your trip. You can loosen up in style and make each moment of your travel a pleasant experience. 

Cafés and Bistros

Different food choices, including eateries, bistros, and café, take care of travelers’ culinary preferences and give a delightful pre-flight insight. 


Numerous product categories, including electronics, cosmetics, perfume, clothing, accessories, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and more, can be found in duty-free shops while flying with Yakutia Airlines from BQS Terminal. These shops have items from famous brands, providing you with a variety of options to meet their preferences and needs.  

Information Desks

Commitment help and information services are given to guide and support travelers all through their travel. They encourage travelers to give feedback on their experience, helping the assistance improve and tailor its contributions. 

VIP Services

Selective services for VIP travelers, such as priority check-in and boarding, guarantee a luxurious and efficient travel insight. 

Business Focuses

Business travelers can stay productive while waiting for their flights thanks to amenities like workstations and meeting rooms. 

Kids’ Play Areas

A family-friendly atmosphere has been created at the airport thanks to the play zones, which are intended to make young travelers happy and safe. 

Essential clinical offices or emergency treatment services are accessible to address travelers’ health needs during their time at the air terminal.

Amenities Proposed by Yakutia Airlines terminal at BQS

Baggage Claim Carousels Parking Garages/Services Kid’s Play Areas 
Meeting and Greeting PointsAirline and Airport Lounges Immigration and Customs 
Forex or Currency ExchangeFood, Cafes, and Restaurants Boarding Gates 
Duty-free Shops and StoresRetail and Shopping Malls Baggage Wrapping Facility
Private/Public TransportCar Rental Agencies Medical/Emergency Service
Wifi/Internet ServicesSeat/Class Upgrade Options Security Checkpoints 

List Of All Yakutia Airlines Terminal Worldwide

Yakutia Airlines Ignatievo-Blagoveshchensk International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Question:

At the BQS Terminal, can I make an online check-in for my Yakutia Airlines flight? 

Yes, Yakutia Airline by and large permits online check-in. For specific information, please visit the airline’s official website or get in touch with their customer service. 

Are there lounges at BQS Terminal for Yakutia Airlines travelers? 

Yes, BQS Terminal might have lounges accessible for Yakutia Airlines travelers. Check with the aircraft or the air terminal for more information on relax access. 

What is the contact number for Yakutia Airlines BQS Terminal? 

You can contact Yakutia Airlines BQS Terminal by calling 1+844-914-4694 or visiting their customer support work area at the terminal. 

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