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If you ever feel a pre-flight flutter of questions, worrying about your pet traveling with you, check-in deadlines, heavy baggage, or regardless of whether you get special assistance, Vietnam Airlines VTE Terminal got you covered. You can travel confidently with Vietnam Airlines while enjoying top-notch services. 

Whether you’re arriving or departing, Vietnam Airlines works from Terminal 1. You can avoid any stress at the last minute, and easily check the airline’s website for the most recent information regarding the baggage allowance. Moreover, Vietnam Airlines offers online check-in, saving you valuable air terminal minutes.  

Overview of Vietnam Airlines VTE Terminal

Airport NameWattay International Airport
Airport Address19 ຖະໜົນສາຍລົມ, Vientiane, Laos
Airport Contact Number+856 20 55 608 955
Airport CodeVTE
Vietnam Airlines IATA CodeVN
Vietnam Airlines ICAO CodeHVN
Vietnam Airlines Ticket Counter Hours:Daily 24 Hours
Vietnam Airlines Check-inTerminal 1
Vietnam Airlines Official

Easy Arrival With Vietnam Airline Wattay International Airport Terminal

Vietnam Airlines passengers’ arrival at Wattay International Airport is one of ease and comfort. It underlines the change from the expectation and possible uneasiness of air travel to a smooth and loosening up arrival process. Vietnam Airlines guarantees travelers a hassle-free and peaceful landing at DMK Terminal.  

Stress-free Departure With Vietnam Airline VTE Terminal

With dedicated counters and a streamlined interaction process at the Terminal, Vietnam Airlines eases your journey and ensures a consistently smooth one. You can just appear at the air terminal inclination loose and prepare for your departure. Vietnam Airlines goes above and beyond to reduce wait times at VTE Terminal, giving you valuable time to catch your breath before your flight.  

Remarkable Services of Vietnam Airlines Wattay International Airport

Enter a world where Vietnam Airlines makes your flight into a work of art and avoids the usual chaos of an airport. The committed staff of Vietnam Airlines VTE Terminal has created a customized introduction to your experience, guaranteeing a departure from the commonplace and standard travel standards.  

Now, forget the long queues; Vietnam Airlines’s team assist you with check-in and explore the terminal effortlessly. You can relax in enticing lounges, investigate the duty-free shops, or relax with an espresso at an enchanting bistro. Therefore, allows Vietnam Airlines to make way for a genuinely significant journey. 

Here’s a list of amenities you enjoy while flying with Vietnam Airlines Wattay International Airport Terminal; 

  • Class Upgradation  
  • Post Office  
  • Meeting Point  
  • Baggage Trolleys  
  • Check-in Facilities 
  • Ticket Cancellation  
  • Ticket Reservation  
  • Pet-friendly Service  
  • Changing areas  
  • Shops and Duty-Free  
  • Medical benefits  
  • Things Recompense  
  • Lost and Found down Services  
  • Meet-and-Greet Service  
  • Cafés and Bistros  
  • Bank   
  • Special Assistance 

Convenience of Online Booking 

  • The online booking is designed to be easy to understand and simple, in any event, for those not acquainted with online booking. 
  • You can easily finish the whole booking process, by looking at flights and comparing costs with choosing seats and affirming your outing, all in a couple of basic snaps. 
  • You have unlimited authority over your travel experience, from picking the destination and dates to choosing the airplane type, passage class, and additional items. 
  • Booking online saves you time in contrast with customary strategies like calling or visiting a travel planner. 

Baggage Policy

  • Vietnam Airlines permits you to bring extra bags past your free compensation, however, the choices and expenses rely upon a few elements: 
  • Your starting point is determined by the type of fare you booked and when. Some fares include a free looked-at pack, while others don’t. You can track down this data on your booking affirmation.
  • Fees apply when you add more bags than your free allowance. The more packs you add, the higher the charge per bag. 
  • You must take a look at the particular details of your flight and check the airline’s website for the specifics of your particular flight itinerary.  

Travel for Pets

  • You must follow the pet policy while adding your pet to your booking. This policy probably frames details like pet size, weight limits, well-being, vaccination, and expenses. 
  • Knowing and complying with the standards guarantees a smoother travel experience for yourself as well as your pet. 
  • If you have any inquiries regarding booking pet travel, please get in touch with the Vietnam Airline VTE Terminal customer service team. 
  • They can direct you through the policy, explain specific requirements, and make sure the booking process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Security Fast Track

  • Vietnam Airline Security Fast Track is a service intended to assist you with keeping away from long security lines at VTE Terminal. 
  • You can use this service to skip the usual security lines and use a separate lane with shorter wait times. 
  • This can be particularly helpful during top travel periods or on the other hand on the off chance that you’re in a rush. 
  • Moreover, this can assist you with getting to your door quicker and loosen up before your flight. 
  • You can purchase Quick Track online on Vietnam Airlines or at the terminal as long as an hour before your flight takeoff. 

Wi-Fi Availability

  • Vietnam Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi availability on select trips and with access to Wi-Fi you can stay in touch throughout your journey. 
  • There will be packages for paid Wi-Fi, so you can buy different data bundles for perusing the web, browsing messages, utilizing online entertainment, and so on. 
  • You can download tickets, access flight data, and check for refreshments straightforwardly on your gadget. 
  • You partake in the free on-request diversion library or use Wi-Fi to get to your web-based features (with paid bundles). 

Seat Selection

  • Vietnam Airlines Wattay International Airport Terminal comprehends that having the right seat can have a major effect as far as you can tell. That is the reason they offer different choices for you to pick your favored seat during the booking system.  
  • During the process of booking a flight, choose the seat you want to be in to ensure that you get to the location you want.
  • Browse seats by the window for dazzling views, aisle seats for simple leg extending and admittance to cabin crew, or leave line seats for more legroom. 
  • Fees for selecting a seat depend on the fare you paid and the type of seat you chose. At check-in, some seats, like Standard seats, might be free. 

Special Assistance

  • Vietnam Airlines VTE Terminal aims to make air travel pleasant and open for everybody, incorporating people with disabilities. They smoothed out policy for booking, check-in, and boarding to limit pressure and disarray. 
  • They have mindful and friendly staff who are prepared to assist passengers with any requirements. 
  • Devoted groups are accessible to address questions, give information, and a wide range of specific facilities in advance. 
  • They help you with exceptional seating choices to satisfy different requirements, such as extra legroom. 
  • Their staff have received training in caring for passengers with disabilities with compassion and respect. 

Desk for Lost & Found

  • Vietnam Airlines is aware that traveling can be stressful when things get lost. As a result, they provide a Lost & Found service to assist you in locating your misplaced belongings.
  • You need to visit the assigned Lost and Found desk in the terminal after your flight. Additionally, you can submit a report online via Vietnam’s official website. 
  • It will be easier to locate your lost item if you provide as much information as possible.
  • You will receive regular status updates regarding your lost item from Vietnam. You can likewise check the status online utilizing your reference number. 
  • Vietnam Airlines VTE Terminal keeps lost things found on their airplane for 14 days after the flight date.  

Support for Unaccompanied Minor

  • The Unaccompanied Minor Service provided by Vietnam Airlines VTE Terminal enables children between the ages of 8 and 17 to travel alone.  
  • It gives management and help all through their journey, offering inner harmony to both guardians and the young traveler. 
  • Their dedicated cabin crew and ground staff ensure the child’s safety throughout the journey. 
  • After being escorted through security and check-in, the child is taken to the plane. They are met by one more Vietnam Airlines agent at their arrival air terminal and helped until rejoined with their assigned contact. 
  • Guardians get updates through calls at central issues during the journey.

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Vietnam Airlines VTE Wattay International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Vietnam Airlines at VTE?

At VTE, Vietnam Airlines uses Terminal 1.

What terminal is Vietnam Airlines at Wattay International Airport?

Vietnam Airlines operates from Terminal 1 at Wattay International Airport.

What Terminal is Vietnam Airlines arrivals at VTE?

Terminal 1 is an operational hub for Vietnam Airlines’ arrivals at VTE.

What terminal is Vietnam Airlines Departure in VTE?

Vietnam Airlines uses Terminal 1 for departure in VTE.

How do I contact Vietnam Airlines?

To contact Vietnam Airlines by using phone +1-833-535-0003, live chat, or email.

How do I call Vietnam Airlines from the US?

If you need to call Vietnam Airlines from the US, dial +1-833-535-0003.

How do I make a phone call to Vietnam?

Dial +1-833-535-0003 to make a phone call to Vietnam.

How to call a Vietnam phone number for free?

Use +1-833-535-0003 to call Vietnam’s phone number for free.

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