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Whether you’re setting out on another experience or getting back home, a smooth and productive terminal experience is fundamental. Team Royal Jordanian at LYS Terminal, guides you with all the information you need to explore your terminal flawlessly. From check-in facility and baggage allowance to exploring their conveniences and supportive policies, they take care of you.  

When you fly into Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport with Royal Jordanian, their group will be guaranteed a smooth and comfortable experience. For example, if you need assistance with your luggage, the team can assist you with handling your bags productively and answer any inquiries you have about baggage allowance. Contact Royal Jordanian ahead of time, and their customer care group can guarantee a smooth and comfortable experience for everybody. 

Overview of Royal Jordanian LYS Terminal

Airport NameLyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
Airport CodeLYS
Royal Jordanian LYS TerminalTerminal 1
Royal Jordanian ICAO CodeRJA
Royal Jordanian IATA CodeRJ
Royal Jordanian Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Address69125 Colombier-Saugnieu, France
Airport Phone Number+33 826 80 08 26
Working Hours24 hours

Royal Jordanian LYS Terminal Arrival

Royal Jordanian decisively picked the LYS Terminal 1, known for its top-notch services to provide you with complete safety and comfort. Travel effortless with Royal Jordanian’s adequate baggage allowance, allowing you to pack what you need without any stress. Break the pre-flight hustle and relax in Royal Jordanian’s extravagant lounges, offering a sanctuary of unwinding and conveniences.  

Royal Jordanian LYS Terminal Departure

When you show up at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, you go directly toward the decisively situated Primary Terminal 1. No more scrambling between terminals to check in, drop off luggage, or eat delicious food. Royal Jordanian’s comfortable and proficient staff is there to help you. Whether you’re flying locally or wandering globally, they’ll skillfully direct you through the security screening process, guaranteeing smooth and proficient progress.  

Services at Royal Jordanian LYS Terminal

Royal Jordanian offers a variety of services at LYS Terminal 1 pointed toward guaranteeing your comfort and commitment all through your journey. Enjoy a renewing coffee at a bistro, explore the broad choices of duty-free shops to purchase luxurious items, or access the free Wi-Fi accessible all through the terminal.  

Look into Royal Jordanian’s excellent services for passengers leaving from LYS, such as 

  • Flight reservation and cancellation 
  • Web/ online check-in 
  • Unaccompanied minor assistance 
  • Baggage Allowance 
  • Flight information 
  • Visa-related information 
  • Airport counter check-in 
  • Travel pets and animal 
  • Duty-free allowance 
  • Immigration service 
  • Airport lounges 
  • Missing luggage 
  • Transit information 
  • Privilege club 
  • In-flight entertainment 
  • Seat selection and inquiries 

Booking Facilities of Royal Jordanian at LYS Terminal

  • Experience the comfort of Royal Jordanian’s simple online booking facility, where you can easily search a wide range of flight choices from various carriers.  
  • Each flight is given transparent estimating and point-by-point class choices, guaranteeing clearness and simplicity in direction.  
  • Essentially input your travel details, and the system quickly chases down the most appropriate trip customized to your pocket and preferences.  
  • With this proficient online service, gaining your flight tickets turns into a consistent and stress-free cycle, permitting you to focus on the fervor of your upcoming journey. 
  • On the other hand, Royal Jordanian LYS terminal ticket counters assist you with your booking process directly. 

Lavish Lounges of Royal Jordanian at LYS Terminal 

  • Get away from the rushing about of the terminal and find comfort inside the tranquil mood of utmost relaxation.  
  • Indulge yourself with the extravagant solace of rich, liberally measured seats, permitting the pressure to liquefy away as you give up to the serene air.  
  • Royal Jordanian offers lavish and comfortable lounges, where delicate lighting and relieving music tenderly break you into a condition of tranquility.  
  • Whether you want to quietly anticipate your flight, looking for a peaceful second to make up for lost time with work, or just desire rest from your journey, these lounges give a definitive relaxation. 

Duty-Free Shops at LYS Terminal

  • Step into the vivid experience of LYS Terminal, where you’re welcomed by an enamoring cluster of captivating fragrances.  
  • Pamper yourself with a variety of skincare and haircare items that guarantee to nourish and revive.  
  • In any case, that is only the start – submerge yourself in the extravagant feeling and imaginative blends intended to improve your natural radiance.  
  • Treat your taste buds to the unique kinds of rich chocolates and dissolve in-your-mouth delicate cakes.  
  • At LYS Terminal, each experience is made to enhance your senses and leave you with remarkable memories. 

Wi-Fi access on Royal Jordanian’s Flight

  • With Royal Jordanian Wi-Fi services, you can send messages, share photos, or relate your travel experiences progressively with your family and friends.  
  • Royal Jordanian at LYS Terminal removes the pressure from flying by executing a proactive system that screens your flight status. This implies you’ll continuously be in the know about arrival and takeoff times, expected delays, and any entryway changes that could happen.  
  • While on a flight, you can make up for lost time with the most recent shows or drench yourself in an exciting film.  
  • With the comfort of their Wi-Fi service, you can undoubtedly check the weather patterns at your destination, guaranteeing you’re ready for whatever looks for you upon arrival.  

Seat Upgradation with Royal Jordanian 

  • While flying through Royal Jordanian Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, your comfort becomes their main concern. With the capacity to choose your favored seat during the booking system, your process turns out to be innately more comfortable and unwinding.  
  • Deciding on seats with more than adequate space permits you to loosen up and try not to feel squeezed all through the flight.  
  • Moreover, choosing an aisle seat awards you the opportunity to move around in your comfort, whether it’s to extend your legs or bring refreshments.  

Lost & Found Assistance at LYS Terminal

  • At Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, Royal Jordanian offers a smooth process for detailing lost luggage, guaranteeing quick recovery of your possessions.  
  • Perfectly arranged inside the terminal, their Lost and Found service is staffed by skilled workers prepared to speedily help you.  
  • You need to provide extensive details regarding your lost luggage, including any specific highlights. After receiving your data, their Lost and Found group will report your case and keep you updated on your case.  
  • Have confidence, your lost things are in capable hands, and endeavors will be made to rejoin you with your things quickly. 

Royal Jordanian Unaccompanied Minor Assistance

  • Royal Jordanian Unaccompanied Minor help at the LYS Terminal guarantees inner serenity for guardians whose youngsters are traveling solo.  
  • From the second your kid shows up at the LYS terminal until they securely arrive at their destination, the committed group guarantees a safeguarded and pleasant journey.  
  • Upon arrival, their obliging staff guarantees a consistent check-in process, taking care of all fundamental paperwork and directing your youngster through security effortlessly.  
  • All through the journey, your youngster will be under the mindful consideration of Royal Jordanian’s caring cabin team.  
  • Their team is exceptional in taking care of the needs of youthful explorers, giving help and attending to any needs your youngster might have during the flight, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure travel experience. 

Royal Jordanian at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport (LYS) serves as a thorough asset, giving travelers fundamental information and guidance for a consistent travel experience. Through clear and brief substance, the page effectively communicates significant insights about check-in processes, baggage allowances, and terminal facilities, enabling travelers to explore LYS easily.

List of all Royal Jordanian Airlines Terminals

Royal Jordanian Airlines Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal is used by Royal Jordanian at LYS Terminal ?

Royal Jordanian operated from terminal 1 at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport.

Can I get access to the in-flight Wi-Fi service on Royal Jordanian?  

Yes, you can access the in-flight Wi-Fi service on Royal Jordanian.

Is it safe for my kid to fly alone with Royal Jordanian?

Yes, it’s completely safe for your kid to fly alone with Royal Jordanian.

How to talk with Royal Jordanian’s customer care team?

You can dial +1-833–535–0003 to contact Royal Jordanian’s customer care team.

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