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The Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal stands as a bustling aviation hub in the heart of the Middle East, welcoming over a million passengers annually. The terminal facilitates flights to key destinations such as Cairo, Beirut, Amman, Riyadh, Jeddah, and many more. As a pivotal hub for Royal Jordanian Airlines, the airport boasts extensive services and amenities meticulously designed to elevate passenger satisfaction. Travelers can anticipate a seamless and enjoyable experience, thanks to top-notch facilities and services. 

Overview of Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal

Airport NameAleppo International Airport
Airport CodeALP
Royal Jordanian ALP TerminalTerminal 1
Royal Jordanian ICAO CodeRJA
Royal Jordanian IATA CodeRJ
Royal Jordanian Aleppo International Airport Address56MG+RW7، طريق المطار, Aleppo, Syria
Airport Phone NumberN/A
Working Hours24 hours

Navigation Way at Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal

Boarding procedures at Royal Jordanian Aleppo International Airport are efficient and they ensure you are getting the best in your cart. Passengers can embark on their flights promptly by following signage and authority guidance. The airline ensures an enjoyable journey with a variety of amenities including shopping, movies, lounges, and games. Special services are also available to accommodate passengers with specific needs that ensure inclusivity and comfort for all travelers.

Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal Arrival Center

Royal Jordanian Aleppo International Airport prioritizes a seamless boarding experience and provides an extra layer through security protocols. Passengers encounter a well-organized and inviting atmosphere with the better assistance of one of the key elements of hospitality. The transition from the aircraft to the airport facilities is facilitated by efficient procedures and in case you encounter any difficulty simply apply the guidance of the Royal Jordanian customer service team. They prioritize passenger satisfaction by offering a wide range of amenities and services. To ensure a comfortable and inclusive experience for all travelers, the airline works hard and partners with multiple service providers.

Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal Departure Center

At the Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal, departure is streamlined for effective boarding operations. The airline enhances the departure experience with retail stores, Wi-Fi, lounges, and many more. You can enjoy your time here as it guarantees a pleasant journey for all passengers, reflecting the airline’s dedication to excellence.  The airline also provides a range of airport services to passengers such as baggage handling, check-in, and security. Additionally, you can enjoy more savings through exclusive deals to make your journey even more affordable.

Services Present at ALP Terminal by Royal Jordanian

Before embarking on a journey to regional or international destinations, you must know about what services are available at Royal Jordanian Aleppo International Airport. The airline ensures a smooth and satisfying travel experience for its discerning passengers. Travelers will have a seamless and enjoyable experience thanks to their free Wi-Fi, baggage assistance, and contemporary security and check-in systems to enhance their happiness. The airline aims to make travel easy and enjoyable for its passengers via shops, restaurants, and comfy seating areas. Let’s explore what awaits you at the Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal:


At Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal, passengers are treated to a journey characterized by convenience, comfort, and top-notch service. From the moment travelers arrive until they board their flights, every aspect of their experience is carefully crafted to ensure a seamless and enjoyable trip. You can rebook your flights without any worry with the help of reservation dedicated counters. To get even more discounts, call our travel agents at +1-833–535–0003. You don’t even have to leave your comfort zone.


Experience a hassle-free check-in process at Royal Jordanian Aleppo International Airport. Skip the line effortlessly and commence your journey with ease. Passengers can choose from various options to complete the check-in process. The process can be done through kiosks or dedicated check-in counters, ensuring flexibility. Opting for early check-in not only saves time but also allows passengers to select their preferred seats, enhancing the overall travel experience with added convenience.


Travelers flying with Royal Jordanian from Aleppo International Airport can expect a streamlined baggage claim process, as well as ample luggage allowances and speedy check-in procedures resulting in a pleasant and hassle-free travel experience. In case you encounter issues such as lost or damaged luggage, the airline’s customer service team promptly addresses them through unique procedures to ensure swift resolution and compensation. Specialized services are available to accommodate the unique needs of every visitor, further enhancing their overall experience.

Customer Service 

At the heart of Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal, a customer service stand is readily available to assist with your travel queries. They will support you with your flight details, navigation around the airport, or any paperwork, the helpful Royal Jordanian customer service staff at the stand are dedicated to assisting. Approach them, and they will ensure you receive the best assistance for an enjoyable airport experience.


The airline’s dedication to passenger comfort extends to the exclusive lounges available at Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal. These lounges are accessible to eligible passengers while offering a serene oasis amidst the bustling airport environment. With complimentary refreshments and services, travelers are provided with a tranquil space to unwind and relax before their flights. The elevated experience promoted by Royal Jordanian enhances the overall travel journey allowing passengers to start their trips with more enthusiasm.

Food Options

Travelers who are taking their flights from Aleppo International Airport have access to a diverse range of culinary delights that meet their tastes and preferences. The airline enhances the in-flight dining experience with thoughtfully curated menus that offer delicious options. Dietary accommodations are available to cater to passengers with specific requirements depending on their health and diet plans.

Shopping Outlets

You can indulge in duty-free shopping at the Royal Jordanian Aleppo International Airport. With a wide selection of products, you can extend the shopping experience and gain the opportunity to shop for souvenirs and essentials. This ultimately enhances the overall travel experience. Additionally, transportation to and from the departure center is made convenient through Royal Jordanian’s collaboration with local transportation services to ensure a smooth transition between the airport and various locations.

Pet Assistance

At Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal, support for pets is prioritized alongside passenger comfort. You can follow the signage and help your furry to be with you. The airline has a dedicated pet assistance unit that helps them to navigate the process with ease. Use the designated areas that are available for pets to relieve themselves and stretch their legs. Pet-friendly amenities such as water stations and waste disposal facilities are provided. To enjoy a more effective transition, you must submit the vaccination along with other health certificates in advance. 

Special Assistance

The airline ensures prompt and helpful support for general inquiries or resolving issues while fostering transparency and empowering passengers to travel with their disability. Royal Jordanian provides special assistance services catering to passengers with reduced mobility, families traveling with children, and those with pets. You can use these services such as wheelchair and in-person support to make air travel inclusive and accessible to all passengers while boosting your comfort level. With a focus on convenience, comfort, and superior service, passengers can trust Royal Jordanian to deliver a memorable journey from start to finish.

Other Assistance

In addition to ample parking spaces for passengers, the Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal offers a diverse range of shopping and dining options ensuring passenger enjoyment and convenience. From last-minute essentials to indulgent treats, the terminal caters to various needs and preferences. The presence of friendly personnel further guarantees a hassle-free experience with prompt assistance and a welcoming atmosphere awaiting travelers at the terminal.

Which terminal is dedicated by Royal Jordanian at the Aleppo International Airport? 

Royal Jordanian prioritizes inclusivity while ensuring a stress-free journey for all passengers including their cherished souls. Unfortunately, the airline currently does not operate at Aleppo International Airport. The suspension of flights to Aleppo in 2012 was prompted by the Syrian Civil War. However, there are plans to utilize Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal 1 as a strategic operational center in the future once they initiate their service after approval. This forward-looking initiative signifies the airline’s commitment to potential future services in the region and aligns with its dedication to providing accessible travel options for all passengers.

List of all Royal Jordanian Airlines Terminals


Aleppo International Airport is an efficient and welcoming place. The station has cozy lounging spaces in addition to a range of stores and eateries. Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal provides some free amenities such as luggage help and free Wi-Fi based on the fare category they hold. The terminal has contemporary security and check-in technologies installed to provide additional comfort and flexibility. The airport also has a variety of lounges and VIP services to provide passengers with a luxurious experience. Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal offers a wide range of ground transportation options including taxis, buses, and shuttles. You will enjoy your time here and access luxury without worrying about stress depending on your fare categories.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Aleppo International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a lost and found service at the airport?

Yes. The Royal Jordanian Aleppo International Airport has a lost and found department to assist passengers. Visit the dedicated counter and get your belongings quite comfortably through baggage tags. 

Is Wi-Fi service available throughout the Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal?

Wi-Fi service may be available in various areas in the Royal Jordanian ALP Terminal including VIP lounges.

What dining options are available at Aleppo International Airport?

Aleppo International Airport offers a variety of dining options to cater to the tastes of its diverse travelers. From local delicacies to international favorites, the airport hosts several restaurants and coffee shops where passengers can indulge in a culinary journey. 

What is the ICAO code for Aleppo International Airport?

Royal Jordanian provides flights from Aleppo International Airport which is known by the ICAO codes ALP respectively.

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