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Oman Air, a premium carrier, is here to guarantee a smooth and pleasant travel experience at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Oman Air at HYD Terminal is intended to make your journey easy and unwinding with their knowledgeable and well-trained staff. Their team is committed to helping you all through your journey. From the second you show up at the terminal to the time you leave, they’ll be there to help you with a smile.  

This guide will take you through the various services and conveniences accessible to Oman Air travelers at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Here, you can cover everything from a smooth check-in interaction to comfortable lounge access and that’s just the beginning. With their obligation to consistent travel encounters and outstanding customer care, they will guarantee your trip through the HYD terminal is pretty much as comfortable and pleasant as could be expected. 

Overview of Oman Air HYD Terminal

Airport Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
AirlinesOman Air
Airport AddressShamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409
Departures TerminalMain Terminal
Arrivals TerminalMain Terminal
Contact Number040 6654 6370
Oman Air Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day

Oman Air HYD Terminal Arrival

Oman Air has fastidiously chosen Main Terminal for its excellent scope of services and comforts, guaranteeing a consistent travel experience for its travelers. With reasonable baggage allowance, extravagant lounges, and Wi-Fi access, this terminal offers unmatched advantages to explorers.  

Oman Air HYD Terminal Departure 

Omar Air operated its departing flights from Main Terminal at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. What separates Main Terminal is its unfaltering obligation to detail. This devotion converts into decreased waiting times, and a supportive staff committed to guaranteeing that your experience is both pleasant and proficient.  

Services at Oman Air HYD Terminal

Oman Air gives a wide scope of services at HYD Terminal, guaranteeing your comfort and fulfillment all through your journey. You can save your time and enjoy a rejuvenating mug of espresso at our comfortable bistro with priority check-in service. Or you can exploit the broad range of duty-free shops offering luxurious things, permitting you to look for gifts or treats for yourself.  

Furthermore, you can explore several excellent services that are available at the HYD terminal to make your trip hassle-free. These services are; 

  • Flight reservation and cancellation 
  • Duty-free shopping 
  • Immigration service  
  • Baby care services  
  • Luggage Lost & Found 
  • ATMs and Banks  
  • Child play area  
  • Information Counters 
  • Unaccompanied minors  
  • Currency exchange service  
  • Duty-Free Shops/Centers 
  • Airport/Airline lounges  
  • Medical Help 
  • Mobile charging stations  
  • Travel with pets and animal
  • Wi-Fi access 
  • Hotels and accommodations 

Flight Reservation Service

  • Experience the simplicity and proficiency of flight reservation service with Oman Air at HYD Terminal. From beginning to end, their team focuses on your preferences and needs.  
  • Through their user-friendly online platform, which is designed to provide unparalleled convenience, begin your booking journey.  
  • Explore a comprehensive range of flight options that have been meticulously tailored to meet a variety of preferences and needs.  
  • You can easily compare prices, dates, and destinations to find the best option for your travel plans.  
  • Moreover, you will find ticket reservation counters at the HYD terminal. Here, you can communicate directly with their staff, guaranteeing a consistent booking process custom-made to your choices.  

Travel with Pets and Animals

  • Oman Air at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport offers a consistent and peaceful experience for both you and your furry buddies by eliminating all possible difficulties.  
  • Their flexible pet-friendly approach guarantees that your process is smooth from beginning to end.  
  • To guarantee your pet’s solace and prosperity, they suggest booking pet reservations ahead of time. So, they can make the necessary arrangements and meet any special needs your pet may have, ensuring that there will be ample space on your chosen flight.  
  • Their experts are promptly accessible to respond to any inquiries, address concerns, and assist you with exploring any potential issues that might emerge during your travel.  

Wi-Fi Access 

  • Oman Air allows you to easily stay associated with their stable Wi-Fi, so you can keep your friends and family up to date at every stage by sending messages, sharing photos, or recounting your travel adventures in real-time.  
  • This service ensures that you are always well-informed about the status of your flight, including anticipated delays, gate changes, and arrival and departure times.  
  • You’ll stay informed and ready for each part of your trip. Take advantage of the onboard entertainment options during your flight to immerse yourself in an exciting movie or catch up on the most recent shows.  

Seat Upgradation

  • With the ability to select your preferred seat, you can achieve a memorable journey from the HYD terminal. 
  • Oman Air’s seat upgradation service is a seamless, yet pivotal component that permits you to pick seats with more than adequate space, furnishing you with the opportunity to loosen up and stay away from any challenge of imprisonment all through your flight.  
  • Choosing seats with enough legroom and unlimited refreshments improves your actual solace as well as adds to a more pleasant experience.  
  • Specifically, choosing an aisle seat bears the cost of you the flexibility to move around at your recreation, whether it’s to extend your legs, access your effects, or enjoy rewards without bothering individual travelers.  

Lost & Found Support at HYD Terminal 

  • Losing baggage can take a toll on your mood, yet at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Oman Air makes the recovery system smooth.  
  • Their Lost and Found service is helpful, and efficient, and will provide prompt assistance. 
  • When you report lost or delayed luggage, well-trained staff will be there to help you immediately. Make sure to give them complete details, remembering any special markings for your luggage.  
  • They’ll record all that and keep you informed all through the inquiry. They’ll make a solid effort to track down your effects and return them once again to you as fast as could be expected. 

Unaccompanied Minor Assistance

  • Unaccompanied Minor assistance at the HYD Terminal ensures that your child has a safe and enjoyable journey from the time they arrive, and until they reach their destination.  
  • Their friendly staff guarantees a smooth check-in process, dealing with all important paperwork and directing your child through security flawlessly.  
  • All through the journey, your youngster will be under the mindful consideration of Oman Air’s cabin crew as they are skilled at meeting the needs of young travelers. Moreover, you can be sure that your child will be in good hands with Oman Air at every stage. 

Lavish Lounges at HYD Terminal

  • You will find lavish lounges at the HYD terminal. You can get away from the hassle-bustle of the terminal and submerge yourself in the peaceful vibe of unmatched relaxation. 
  • Enjoy the lavish solace of liberally estimated seats, permitting the stress to dissolve away as you give up the quiet environment.  
  • At these extravagant lounges, delicate lighting and soothing music tenderly wrap you in a condition of serenity.  

Oman Air at the HYD terminal stands as a demonstration of their obligation to give excellent encounters to their travelers. With an emphasis on productivity, solace, and comfort, they endeavor to guarantee that each journey with Oman Air is essential and consistent.  

Experience the difference with Oman Air – where each travel starts with hospitality and ends with fulfillment.

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Oman Air (HYD) Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal is used by Oman Air at HYD Terminal?

Oman Air operates from Main Terminal at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Can I get wheelchair assistance at the HYD terminal? 

Yes, you can get wheelchair assistance at the HYD terminal.

Are there ATMs available at the HYD terminal?

Yes, there are ATMs available at the HYD terminal. 

How to contact Oman Air’s customer care team?

To contact Oman Air’s customer care team, you can dial +1-833–535–0003. 

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