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Managing your travel plans can feel overwhelming, especially when you need to explore airlines’ guidelines and their operations. Loong Air NTG Terminal and their team make your travel experience smooth and tranquil with extraordinary services and customer care. They give clear rules on the weight and size limits for both carry-on and checked baggage on their site and application, so you can pack productively and guarantee your bags meet the prerequisites to set aside cash and keep away from delays at the terminal.  

Moreover, Loong Air at Nantong Xingdong Airport is focused on giving an agreeable and comprehensive travel insight for everybody. Therefore, if you require wheelchair help, special dietary facilities, or some other type of help, get in touch with their staff well ahead of time. They will work with you to guarantee a smooth and comfortable trip. By preparing and exploiting the resources accessible, you can fly with Loong Air with certainty, knowing precisely the exact thing to expect for a relaxing and pleasant journey.

Overview of Loong Air NTG Terminal

Airport NameNantong Xingdong Airport
Loong Air NTG Address3XCG+86M, Xingdongzhen, Tongzhou District, Nantong, Nantong, Jiangsu, China, 226371
Airport CodeNTG
Loong Air NTG Contact No+86 513 8656 0050
Loong Air NTG terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Loong Air NTG terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Loong Air Email Address service@loongair.cn
Official Loong Air Websitewww.loongair.cn/
Loong Air Facebook Pagem.facebook.com/profile.php?id=265976526824551

Loong Air NTG Terminal Arrival 

Loong Air utilizes Terminal 1 at Nantong Xingdong Airport. Arriving at the NTG terminal on Loong Air is a much-needed refresher. They’ve planned a smoothed-out arrival process for Terminal 1, explicitly committed to worldwide flights, that focuses on your solace and simplicity. Their clear signage and easy-to-use design guide you through each step, guaranteeing a smooth and quiet arrival experience.  

Loong Air NTG Terminal Departure 

Float easily through the terminal processes with Loong Air. This airline uses terminal 1 for take-offs so whether you’re rejoining with friends and family, stressed to explore NTG terminal, or essentially energized for your next experience, you’ll be on your way right away. Terminal 1 is intended to limit congestion and smooth out every process, guaranteeing a calm experience. With NTG terminal’s emphasis on solace and proficiency, you can float through the security checks and continue ahead while enjoying your trip. 

Services at Loong Air NTG Terminal

Loong Air figures out your journey and exceeds all expectations to guarantee a smooth and pleasant involvement with the NTG terminal. Here, you’ll find a shelter intended to satisfy each pre-flight need. You can enjoy a culinary experience with various cafés and bistros to tempt your taste buds. Loong Air gives free Wi-Fi all throughout the terminal, so you can remain associated with work, friends, and family. Additionally, experience a smooth check-in process and stay away from any pre-flight delays.  

With Loong Air at NTG Terminal, your pre-flight experience is changed into a peaceful introduction to your experience with their excellent services, such as; 

  • ATMs and Banks 
  • Family Restrooms 
  • Airport Lounges 
  • Emergency Medical Services 
  • Airport Check-in Counters 
  • Self-service kiosks 
  • Inter-terminal Transportation 
  • Car Rental Agencies 
  • Business Centers and Meeting Rooms 
  • In-Flight Entertainment 
  • Luggage Carts 
  • Luggage Trolleys 
  • Storage Facilities 
  • Charging Stations 
  • Special Assistance 
  • Unaccompanied Minor 
  • Seat Upgradation 
  • Duty-Free Shops 

Airport Check-in Lounges 

  • For some travelers, particularly the people who are not acclimated to online check-in or those with special necessities, Loong Air NTG terminal check-in counters offer a helpful choice.  
  • You can just move toward the counter, hand over your luggage, and accept your ticket without the requirement for earlier online check-in.  
  • Explorers with special necessities, like unaccompanied minors, old travelers, or those requiring wheelchair help, frequently need customized support. NTG terminal check-in counters have devoted staff who can help with their necessities, guaranteeing their process is comfortable and stress-free.  
  • You can give up your luggage to their staff who guarantee it is appropriately labeled and stacked onto the right flight.  
  • Additionally, Loong Air offers seat choices and updates at the terminal check-in counter. This permits you to pick your favored seats or move up to a higher class if accessible, improving your solace during the flight.  

Baggage Allowance 

  • Loong Air at Nantong Xingdong Airport has a flexible baggage allowance that permits travelers to surpass the standard free baggage allowance by paying for extra packs whenever wanted.  
  • The choice to incorporate additional loads accompanies varying expenses and cutoff points relying upon the ticket class and booking time. Each ticket class (Economy, Business, First) offers various allowances for baggage.  
  • Also, rules for baggage allowance may marginally vary among domestic and international flights.  
  • For the most part, travelers in higher ticket classes appreciate more allowance and more prominent adaptability in adding additional packs.  
  • By understanding the details of the baggage policy related to their ticket class and booking details, travelers can settle on informed choices about their baggage needs and possibly make the most of cost-saving open doors. 

Travel with Pets 

  • Loong Air guarantees a pet-friendly journey, focusing on both you and your fuzzy friend’s solace and comfort.  
  • At NTG Terminal, you will find comfortable lounges where pets and their owners can unwind before flights, encouraging a tranquil encounter.  
  • Under specific rules and restrictions, cats, and dogs are welcome on board Loong Air flights. There are weight limitations; pets (counting their transporters) should not surpass a consolidated load, and transporter aspects are likewise controlled.  
  • Before reserving a spot, it’s pivotal to completely comprehend the specific guidelines relating to your pet’s size, breed, transporter determinations, and any essential documentation.  
  • Their site gives detailed information concerning their pet arrangement, including expenses, limitations, and basic paperwork.  
  • Loong Air’s obligation to pet travel stretches out past simple convenience; it endeavors to make the trip charming and consistent for you and your pets.  
  • By complying with laid-out rules and being very informed about the cycle, you can get a smooth and stress-free travel insight with your cherished pets on board. 

Wi-Fi Service 

  • With Loong Air’s Wi-fi service travelers keep in contact with friends and family, associates, and companions even while in the air. 
  • As well as remaining connected with others, travelers are urged to share their movement encounters, photographs, and updates with their online entertainment organizations.  
  • Loong Air recognizes the meaning of imparting minutes and sharing your travel experiences with other people. Besides, to upgrade the in-flight insight, you approach a different determination of movies and TV programs, taking special care of different preferences and interests.  
  • You can follow your flight’s status, including its ongoing area, assessed arrival time, and any applicable weather conditions updates or news. This guarantees that you are kept informed all through your trip, considering a smoother and more charming travel experience. 

Lost & Found Desk Support 

  • Recovering lost luggage while traveling can be an overwhelming event, adding pointless pressure to a generally rushed encounter.  
  • Loong Air at the NTG terminal offers consistent assistance through its committed Lost and Found desk support.  
  • Decisively situated all through the terminal, these desk areas are effectively available to any traveler needing help. After moving toward the work area, you are welcomed by prepared staff who are prepared to pay attention to your circumstance mindfully and guide you through the essential moves toward recovery of your lost luggage.  
  • From the second you report the thing missing, their team keeps you informed on the advancement of your recovery, giving you inner harmony all through the whole cycle.  
  • With their obligation to productive help, you can have confidence that your lost things are in capable hands, permitting you to focus on enjoying your travels without the weight of stressing over lost belongings.  
  • Whether it’s a lost visa, a branded jacket, or some other thing abandoned in the hurrying around of travel, Loong Air’ Lost and Found desk at NTG terminal is here to help you quickly recover your possessions, guaranteeing a stress-free journey beginning to end. 

Airport Lounges

  • Loong Air’s airport lounges at the NTG terminal are an example of quietness and are intended to reduce travel pressure and usher you into a condition of complete unwinding.  
  • You can sink into rich and comfortable chairs, liberally padded to support your body and simplify away the stress of your journey.  
  • You can feel the tension scatter as you give up on the rich environmental factors. Delicate lighting, quieting music, and a nicely organized climate make a tangible haven that washes away travel tensions.  
  • Whether you’re anticipating your takeoff, or looking for a peaceful departure from your travels, these lounges give the best safe house.  
  • Additionally, you can enjoy a flavorful choice of dishes, from exotic cuisine to refreshing beverages, intended to entice your taste buds and restore your faculties.  
  • The rapid Wi-Fi inside these lounges keeps you consistently associated, permitting you to get up to speed with work, interface with friends and family, or just peruse the web at your relaxation.  
  • Partake in the additional comfort of loading up and luggage help, guaranteeing a smooth and calm change from the lounge to your flight.  

Arrive at the NTG terminal, welcomed by their cordial and attentive staff who are there for you constantly. Whether you need assistance checking in, exploring the terminal, or essentially having an inquiry, their group is promptly accessible to guarantee your process is a breeze. Loong Air at the NTG terminal puts in any amount of work to make your pre-flight personal time comfortable and pleasant. They offer different conveniences and services intended to eliminate any travel tensions, leaving you feeling refreshed and prepared for the exp 

For more details, visit their website or contact their customer care service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal is used by Loong Air at Nantong Xingdong Airport?

Loong Air utilizes Terminal 1 at Nantong Xingdong Airport.

Do we get luggage trolleys at the NTG terminal?

Yes, you can get luggage trolleys at the NTG terminal.

Can I get wheelchair assistance at the NTG terminal?

Yes, you can get wheelchair assistance at the NTG terminal.

How do I contact Loong Air’s customer care team?

You can dial +1-833–535–0003 to contact Loong Air’s customer care team.

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