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Traveling would be pleasant with Flydubai Airlines from SOF Terminal as their team comprehends the value of attentive staff and standard services. With their range of services and amenities, you will make your journey more comfortable and productive. From booking your flight to arriving at your destination, Flydubai Airlines addresses all your concerns for a seamless travel experience.  

Priority check-in, Wi-Fi access, flexible baggage allowance, and more policies /services at Sofia International Airport guarantee a smooth, safe, and enjoyable journey. Moreover, their knowledgeable and attentive staff guides you throughout your journey and handles your special requests with ease. Therefore, by exploring the services and policies of Flydubai Airlines at Sofia International Airport, you can grab great deals and enjoy a peaceful journey.

Overview of Flydubai Airlines SOF Terminal

Airport NameSofia International Airport
Flydubai Airlines Sofia International Airport Addressбулевард „Христофор Колумб“ 1, 1540 Sofia, Bulgaria
Airport CodeSOF
Flydubai Airlines Sofia International Airport Contact Number+35929372211
Flydubai Airlines IATA CodeFZ
Flydubai Airlines ICAO CodeFDB
Flydubai Airlines Sofia International Airport TerminalTerminal 1
Flydubai Airlines Sofia International Airport Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
Flydubai Airlines Sofia International Airport Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours

Flydubai Airlines SOF Terminal Arrivals

Flydubai Airlines operates from terminal 1 at SOF. You will find this arrival terminal perfectly designed and well-equipped. You will explore a variety of services and amenities that are essential for smooth travel, such as easy baggage claim, inquiry counters, medical services, or duty-free shops.  

Flydubai Airlines SOF Terminal Departure

Flydubai takes off from Terminal 1 at Sofia International Airport. Their attentive staff at this terminal helps you to go through security checks for both international and domestic flights without a hitch. This way, you will get ample time to explore the terminal. SOF Terminal 1 is well-equipped with lavish lounges where you can indulge in the relaxation of a soothing environment.  

Services at Flydubai Airlines SOF Terminal

Inviting environment of Flydubai Airlines SOF Terminal, allows the passengers to relax before their flights. Their warmth and mindful services enhance your whole travel experience. From baggage-related services to kids’ play areas to wheelchair assistance, Flydubai Airlines’ staff provides excellent assistance for your comfort and prosperity all through your flight. 

While flying with Flydubai Airlines, you will get these exceptional services such as; 

  • ATMs and Banks 
  • Pet-friendly Policy 
  • Customs and Immigration 
  • Baggage related Service 
  • Wi-Fi/Internet access   
  • Lost & Found Assistance 
  • Children’s play area   
  • Retail Stores 
  • Check-in counters   
  • Unaccompanied Minors Assistance 
  • Special Assistance Service 
  • Rental Car Desks 
  • Currency Exchange 
  • Parking Facilities 
  • Post Office or Mailbox 
  • Airport/Airline lounges   
  • Smoking Areas 
  • Medical Services 

Online Booking Facility

  • Flydubai Airlines offers various helpful choices for booking flights and taking care of passengers’ preferences and requirements.  
  • With their easy-to-understand online booking service, you can easily explore the official site, and get flexibility to look for an ideal flight. 
  • On the other hand, if you need a more customary system, Flydubai Airlines works with reservations at their ticket counters at SOF Terminal. 
  • Flydubai’s simple yet flexible online booking facility provides a stress-free and convenient booking experience. 

Seat Upgradation

  • Flydubai Airlines SOF Terminal helps you to improve your flying experience by providing seamless seat upgrade service. 
  • You can easily access their official website or use your mobile application to upgrade your seat and choose your preferred seat for extra comfort. 
  • Moreover, you can directly visit the Flydubai check-in counters at the SOF Terminal to make seat upgrades. 
  • The accessibility of seat changes may rely upon your ticket types, and fare. For more information, you can simply contact Flydubai Airlines’ team.  

Baggage Allowance

  • The Flydubai Airlines SOF Terminal perceives the fluctuating luggage needs of travelers, that’s why they offer a flexible baggage allowance.  
  • Depending on your ticket type and destination, the airline gives a specific baggage allowance. The checked baggage allowance for economy class regularly goes from 20 to 40 kgs. On the other hand, business class travelers’ checked baggage allowance of something like 40 kgs. 
  • In economy class, you are allowed one cabin bag up to 7 kgs, while if you have a business class ticket, you can carry two bags, each not exceeding 15 kgs.  
  • Flydubai’s specific rules are set up for both domestic and international travel to guarantee a consistent and coordinated treatment of baggage. 

Check-in Service

  • Flydubai Airlines at Sofia International Airport offers an effective online check-in service that allows you to finish the check-in process from the solace of your home easily.  
  • This service is easily accessible no less than 24 hours before your planned flight time. 
  • For extra comfort, Flydubai Airlines gives an easy-to-use application that can be utilized from your smartphone. With an online check-in facility, you can complete your check-in process and smooth out your travel experience. 
  • Moreover, you will find Self-service kiosks at SOF Terminal, permitting you to freely check in and get your boarding pass without any guidance.  

Special Assistance

  • At Flydubai Airlines SOF Terminal, travelers with incapacities or restricted mobility get complete assistance throughout their journey.  
  • Their well-trained and friendly staff assist people in wheelchairs during boarding up and offering continuous help all through the flight.  
  • To request special assistance or any medical help, it is suggested that travelers contact Flydubai Airlines ahead of time or at the hour of booking.  
  • By proactively contacting Flydubai Airlines, travelers add to a more obliging and agreeable travel experience. 

Pet-Friendly Service

  • With Flydubai Airlines, it is easy to bring your pet on a flight without any hassle.  
  • Their team invites your little pets, however, make sure your pets meet specific circumstances while leaving the SOF terminal.  
  • To be qualified, the pet should be of a size that easily fits inside an aircraft-endorsed transporter, which can be helpfully put away under the traveler’s seat.  
  • If you have a bigger pet, Flydubai Airlines offers the option for them to go in the cargo. 
  • Their excellent pet-friendly policy guarantees that you will be informed about the rules to make suitable plans for your furry partners. 

Lost & Found Assistance

  • While traveling, if you lose your valuable item or find a missing thing inside the air terminal, you can reach the lost & found desk of Sofia International Airport. 
  • You can directly communicate with their team to submit the details of lost items. 
  • Following the underlying report, it is fitting to keep in touch with the Airline for any reports on the quest for the lost thing.  
  • Additionally, the Flydubai Airlines lost and found team handles circumstances including postponed or damaged luggage, offering quick help with such cases.  
  • Flydubai Airlines is focused on guaranteeing the effective solution of concerns related to your possessions, offering comprehensive help in the interim. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service

  • With Flydubai Airlines’ unaccompanied minor service, you can stay stress-free when your kids are making a trip by themselves. 
  • While booking a trip for your kid you can utilize this help, however, make sure your paperwork is completed, and specific details should be given.  
  • Flydubai Airlines guarantees constant communication with the kid and offers comprehensive help all through the journey.  
  • To guarantee ideal help and make important courses of action for the kid’s movement, booking the Unaccompanied Minor assistance in advance is essential. 

Flydubai Airlines exceeds all expectations to enhance the overall travel experience by offering a comprehensive range of services. From online booking processes and seat changes to giving medical help and directing pet travel assistance, the airline is devoted to guaranteeing travelers feel good both in-flight and at the air terminal.  For any requests, you can contact Flydubai Airlines or visit their official site directly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Flydubai Airlines at SOF?

Flydubai Airlines uses Terminal 1 at SOF.

What terminal is Flydubai Airlines at Sofia International Airport?

Flydubai Airlines utilizes Terminal 1 at Sofia International Airport.

What Terminal is Flydubai Airlines arrivals at SOF?

Flydubai Airlines uses Terminal 1 for its arrivals at SOF.

What terminal is Flydubai Airlines Departure in SOF?

Flydubai Airlines uses Terminal 1 for departure operations in SOF.

What is the fly Dubai customer service number?

Use +1-833-535-0003 to connect with FlyDubai’s customer service.

How do I contact flydubai by email?

To contact FlyDubai by email, use

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