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China Eastern Airlines, one of China’s “Prominent Three” airlines, is a central part of the worldwide flight industry. This terminal page furnishes you with all the information you may need for your China Eastern Airlines flight from MFM Terminal, whether you’re leaving or arriving.  

At MFM Terminal, check-in for your flight (online check-in might be accessible depending upon your takeoff air terminal) without any hassle. Access continuous flight information, including departure and arrival times, door tasks, and any likely delays. Investigate the conveniences and services presented at Macau International Airport, including lounges, baggage allowance, and ground transportation choices, and track down replies to often posed inquiries to make your travel comfortable.

Overview of China Eastern Airlines MFM Terminal

Airport NameMacau International Airport
China Eastern Airlines Macau International Airport AddressMacau, Macao
Airport CodeMFM
China Eastern Airlines Macau International Airport Contact Number+853 2886 1111
China Eastern Airlines Macau International Airport TerminalTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours

China Eastern Airlines MFM Terminal Arrival 

To enhance your travel and make it seamless, you can arrive at MFM Terminal 1 with China Eastern Airlines. Rather than getting hindered by an extensive arrival process, team China Eastern Airlines at Terminal 1 assists you with getting on your way rapidly and peacefully. For example, if you lost your luggage, Terminal 1 at Macau International Airport flaunts efficient lost and found desk assistance.   

China Eastern Airlines MFM Terminal Departure 

China Eastern Airlines’ committed team anticipates at the MFM Terminal 1, guaranteeing a quick and productive cycle. Their attention on seamless services gets you on your way quickly, limiting pre-flight pressure and increasing your unwinding time. Therefore, your pre-flight experience is as significant as the actual journey.  

Services at China Eastern Airlines MFM Terminal

China Eastern Airlines at MFM Terminal 1 flaunts various services to keep you comfortable and engaged. Enjoy a reviving espresso at a cozy bistro, search the broad choice of duty-free shops for last-minute fortunes, or utilize free Wi-Fi at the terminal. 

Keep reading and learn more about the top-notch services of China Eastern Airlines at the MFM terminal; 

  • Flight Ticket Booking and Cancellation 
  • Baby care services   
  • Flight Ticket Re-scheduling 
  • Children’s play area   
  • Web/Online Check-in 
  • Unaccompanied minors support   
  • Missing Luggage 
  • Information counters   
  • Duty-Free Allowance 
  • Pre-boarding services   
  • Airport/Airline lounges   
  • Pet-friendly travel services   
  • Eastern Miles Program 
  • Lost & Found desk support   
  • Promotional Fares 
  • Seat Enquiries and Selection 

Online Booking Facility

  • With China Eastern Airlines’ online booking facility, you can peruse departures from different airlines, all helpfully shown with clear pricing and class choices.  
  • You can simply enter your travel details and they’ll track down the best trip to match your budget and preferences in short order.  
  • This facility allows you to avoid long calls or extended trips to travel planners and you can get your flight tickets effortlessly. 

Priority Check-in

  • Priority check-in at MFM Terminal, you’ll experience a smooth and productive process that gets you on your way quicker.  
  • Do not wait anymore in the general check-in line as you can go directly to priority check-in counters with more limited holding-up times. 
  • Priority check-in frequently implies you’ll be quick to board, expanding your possibilities by tracking down space for your portable luggage.  
  • With additional time before the flight, you can put away your luggage, settle in your seat, and peacefully get ready for your thrilling experience ahead.  

Lavish Lounges

  • Get away from the flying stress and disorder of the air terminal and track down comfort in the peacefulness of a head relax.  
  • You can indulge yourself sinking into rich, liberally estimated seats, letting the strain dissolve away as you give up on the peaceful mood.  
  • China Eastern Airlines lavish and comfortable lounges, where delicate lighting and quieting music hush you into a condition of tranquility.  
  • These safe houses are ideal for any traveler. Whether standing by without complaining about your flight, looking for a peaceful second to get up to speed with work, or essentially longing for a break from your journey, these parlors give you the best haven. 

Duty-Free Shops

  • At MFM Terminal, you can jump into a vast expanse of dazzling scents.  
  • Spoil yourself with a shocking selection of skincare, beauty, and haircare items. Moreover, you can enjoy lavish surfaces and creative recipes created to sustain your regular brilliance.  
  • Whether it’s a relieving shower or a renewing back massage, find ceremonies that leave you feeling refreshed and engaged.  
  • Enjoy the rich, delicious taste of lovely chocolates. Melt away with divinely delicate cakes. Leave on an undertaking investigating the hidden treasures of your local food scene, uncovering a universe of culinary shocks. 

Wi-Fi/Internet Access

  • With the Wi-Fi service of China Eastern Airlines, you can keep your friends and family in the know effortlessly. You can send messages, share photographs, and describe your trip experiences as you go. 
  • China Eastern Airlines removes the concern about flying. Their system proactively screens your flight, keeping you informed regarding arrival and departure times, any expected delays, and even entryway changes.  
  • Peruse your number of favorite sites, make up for lost time with the most recent shows, or lose yourself in an amazing film. Moreover, you can check weather conditions for your destination directly through their Wi-Fi.  

Seat Selection Facility

  • China Eastern Airlines MFM Terminal engages you to alter your comfort all along. You can choose your favored seat during the booking system, guaranteeing a more charming and relaxing venture.  
  • The reason picking your seat matters. You can pick seats with more space, permitting you to fan out and try not to feel squeezed all through the flight.  
  • An aisle seat awards you the opportunity to get up and move around at your own comfort, ideal for extending your legs or snatching an invigorating beverage.  
  • By choosing the ideal seat, you can change your conventional travel insight into something exceptional.  

Lost & Found Desk Assistance

  • China Eastern Airlines at Macau International Airport makes it simple to report lost things. Their Lost and Found desk assistance is strategically placed inside the terminal to recover your missing luggage quickly. 
  • Their knowledgeable team members at the Lost and Found support will be glad to help you. All you need to do is give them every detail of your missing thing and any extraordinary highlights. 
  • When they have your information, the China Eastern Airlines Lost and Found team will make a report and keep you informed on the situation with your case.  

Unaccompanied Minor Support

  • China Eastern Airlines MFM Terminal’s Unaccompanied Minor assistance removes the concern of your kid traveling alone. 
  • Their team guarantees your kid has a protected and pleasant journey. From the second your kid shows up at the MFM terminal until they securely arrive at their destination. 
  • Their accommodating team will guarantee a smooth check-in process, taking care of all the vital desk work and directing your youngster through security easily.  
  • All through the whole flight, your kid will be under the careful attention of China Eastern Airlines’ mindful cabin team. Moreover, their team cares for youthful explorers, giving help and going to any requirements your kid might have during the flight. 

With China Eastern Airlines at Macau International Airport, their team is committed to furnishing you with a comfortable and helpful travel experience. From booking your trip to arriving at your destination, their committed group is here to help you constantly. They offer many services to address your concerns with the best possible solution.

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China Eastern Airlines Macau International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is China Eastern Airlines at Macau International Airport?

China Eastern Airlines operates out of Terminal 1 at Macau International Airport.

What terminal is China Eastern Airlines at MFM?

China Eastern uses Terminal 1 at MFM.

What Terminal is China Eastern Airlines arrivals at MFM?

China Eastern utilizes Terminal 1 for its arrivals at MFM.

What terminal is China Eastern Airlines Departure in MFM?

At MFM, China Eastern Airlines uses Terminal 1 for its departure.

How do I contact China Eastern customer service?

To get in touch with China Eastern customer service, call +1-833-535-0003. Their customer service team is available around the clock to assist you with any questions or concerns. They guarantee prompt and efficient support, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.

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