Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal – Ninoy Aquino International Airport


From the time you book your flight until you arrive at your destination, you will have unmatched comfort and seamless convenience throughout your journey. Submerge yourself in unmatched extravagance with Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal’s private suites offering the greatest safety and luxury.  

With the right data about your Cathay Pacific, you can transform that fantasy into the real world. Knowing your Cathay terminal is vital. Moreover, you will enjoy adequate legroom, customized consideration, and top-level conveniences for a useful and charming flight. In Visitor Class and Economy Class, relax in open seating, attentive service, and a welcoming atmosphere in cabins that have been thoughtfully designed. Everything is carefully created to guarantee your solace and fulfillment. Whether you’re looking for rich protection, a useful work area, or a just loosening up venture, Cathay Pacific Ninoy Aquino International Airport has the ideal lodge for you.

Overview of Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal

Airport NameNinoy Aquino International Airport
Cathay Pacific Ninoy Aquino International Airport AddressPasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
Airport CodeMNL
Cathay Pacific Ninoy Aquino International Airport Contact Number63 28771109
Cathay Pacific Ninoy Aquino International Airport TerminalTerminal 3
Working Hours24 hours

Which terminal at Ninoy Aquino International does Cathay Pacific use?  

Cathay Pacific operates from MNL Terminal 3. The serenity of MNL Terminal 3 washes over you like the warm breeze, a consoling sign that your arrival will smooth sail. You can get through Cathay Pacific quickly thanks to its efficient procedures and a generous allowance.  

Exploring the air terminal is a breeze, as well. The MNL terminal’s structure makes it simple to track down your strategy for getting around, whether you’re going towards baggage allowance, transportation choices, or looking for an agreeable spot to unwind.  

Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal Arrival

From the second you arrive, relax and realize you’re safe and sound. Their seamless strategies make recovering your gear a breeze, liberating you to focus on what makes the biggest difference. You can avoid the waiting times and appreciate fast gear guarantee and effective traditional processes, guaranteeing you have an adequate chance to unwind and re-energize before your next experience.  

Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal Departure

Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal’s committed counters and self-service booths smooth out the check-in cycle, transforming air terminal issues into ancient history. Breeze through security with Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal’s effective quick-track security, guaranteeing a smooth and peaceful change. As you settle into your seat, allow the calming atmosphere to take over. Every aspect of your journey is designed to prioritize your comfort and well-being, from spacious seating to attentive flight attendants.  

Cathay Pacific Ninoy Aquino International Airport Services and Amenities

Wind up welcomed by well-trained, accommodating staff prepared to smooth your check-in and guide you flawlessly through the terminal. Loosen up in an agreeable lounge or explore the duty-free shops spilling over with enticing gifts and universally famous brands. Your journey with Cathay Pacific begins here, as a flight, yet as an encounter. Their obligation to pleasant services and accommodating decisions guarantees you start your journey tranquil and with an elevating point of view.  

Furthermore, make your flight more enjoyable with top-notch services and amenities, including 

  • Ticket Cancellation  
  • Ticket Reservation  
  • Class Upgradation  
  • Post Office  
  • Charging Points 
  • Meeting Rooms 
  • Wi-Fi/Internet Access 
  • Baggage Trolleys  
  • Quick Check-in   
  • Duty-Free Shopping 
  • Medical Services 
  • Baggage Wrapping Service 
  • Lost & Found Services  
  • Meet-and-Greet Service  
  • Restaurants and cafes  
  • Bank and Currency Exchange  
  • Conference & Exhibition Services  
  • Delayed and Damaged Baggage Services. 

Online Booking Facility

  • Find the ideal choice for your requirements in minutes, no travel planner is required.  
  • Check-in online from any place, whenever, and stay away from MNL terminal lines.  
  • Manage your reservation online by making changes to your information, changing flights, or adding extras like a baggage allowance.  
  • Pick your travel class, dates, and times considering your preferences and budget plan.  
  • Track down the best arrangement that suits your needs, easily. Change designs effectively, whether you’re at home or currently on your journey.  
  • No hanging tight for business hours, handle your trip at whatever point it’s advantageous. Know your details and booking are secure and effectively available on the web. 

Flexible Baggage Allowance

  • Your baggage allowance relies upon your ticket type. Economy travelers regularly have lower remittances than premium classes.  
  • Check your ticket or Cathay Pacific’s site for explicit details. The free allowance typically covers a certain weight and number of pieces.  
  • You can pre-book additional packs. Charges can fluctuate depending on your destination, so make a point to look at the rules for your flight.  
  • Adding additional bags online at the time of booking is cheaper than doing so at the airport.  
  • Set aside cash and time by buying additional baggage allowance before your flight. If conceivable, attempt to remain inside your free recompense to keep away from additional charges. 

Travel Stress-Free with Pet-Friendly Policy

  • Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal pet strategy guarantees a steady and agreeable journey for yourself as well as your furry companion.  
  • You can make enduring memories together is more straightforward than any time in recent memory.  
  • Adding your pet to your booking is a breeze. Simply adhere to clear and simple rules, and you’ll be headed to remarkable experiences.  
  • Guarantee a smooth trip by giving every fundamental report, including your pet’s health records and immunization reports.  
  • Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal offers separate tickets for pet transporters that meet certain weight and size requirements.  

Security Fast Track

  • Book your Fast Track service for security online while making your flight reservation or whenever as long as an hour before takeoff.  
  • Sidestep the standard security lines and make a beeline for the devoted Quick Track path. Not pausing anymore, simply going great through security.  
  • Partake in a smoothed out and productive security check, passing on you more than adequate opportunity to loosen up and de-stress before your flight.  
  • You’ll have more time to relax in the terminal, do some duty-free shopping, or eat before your flight with Fast Track.  
  • Fast Track is your key to reducing the stress of long lines before a flight. This service guarantees a quiet and agreeable beginning to your journey. 

Wi-Fi/Internet Access

  • You can access a world of possibilities thanks to their Wi-Fi service, which keeps you engaged and informed from takeoff to landing.  
  • Answer significant updates, interface with friends and family, and offer your travel encounters in a split second.  
  • With Cathay Pacific’s Wi-Fi facility look at your social media account, remain updated on recent developments, and collaborate with loved ones via virtual entertainment stages.  
  • Make a customized playlist or find new tunes to match your mindset and keep you engaged all through the flight.  
  • While soaring through the clouds, you can immerse yourself in your favorite genre, learn something new, or curl up with a captivating novel.  
  • Track your flight’s advancement continuously, view assessed arrival times, and remain informed regarding any possible delays or changes.  

Seamless Seat Selection

  • You can customize your comfort and enhance your flying experience with Cathay Pacific’s flexible seat selection options.  
  • You can enjoy mesmerizing views from a seat near the window. Envision yourself dazzled by snow-covered tops, soft cloudscapes, or energetic cityscapes unfurling underneath you.  
  • Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal enables you to get your seat by the window and lose yourself in the sorcery of flight. Maybe you want the simplicity and comfort of a walkway seat.  
  • Envision extending your legs uninhibitedly and communicating with the agreeable lodge group effortlessly. You can have a hassle-free journey by booking your preferred aisle seat with Cathay Pacific.  
  • Regardless of your preferences, Cathay Pacific offers a seat to match your needs.  

Special Support for Travelers: 

  • Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal offers a wide scope of special requirements services to guarantee your solace and prosperity all through your journey.  
  • From the second you book your flight; their devoted group is here to help you. Whether you want extra help at check-in, customized help exploring the air terminal, or special in-flight facilities, they’re here to tune in and give custom-made arrangements.  
  • They offer both incline and lodge wheelchair help depending upon your requirements. They provide wheelchairs onboard for easy cabin mobility.  
  • For improved accessibility, some of our aircraft have restrooms with wider doors, lower thresholds, and grab bars.  
  • They take care of different dietary limitations, including sensitivities, strict inclinations, and ailments. 

Lost & Found Desk Support

  • Cathay Pacific MNL Terminal figures out the profound worth of your assets, and that is the reason their devoted Lost and Found desk is here to assist you with rejoining them rapidly and easily.  
  • Finding their Lost and Found work areas is simple. They are easily accessible because they are situated within the terminals.  
  • Simply head over to the agreeable staff, who are prepared to listen mindfully and accumulate every one of the essential insights regarding your lost thing.  
  • They’ll calmly record your case and guide you through the basic course of documenting a report.  
  • They’ll direct you through a clear case documenting the system.  
  • Their group will work persistently to find your lost thing. Go with true serenity realizing that Cathay Pacific is focused on assisting you with tracking down your lost effects. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service:  

  • Cathay Pacific Ninoy Aquino International Airport Unaccompanied Minor Help service encloses your young traveler with a warm cover of care, from take-off to score.  
  • Friendly and experienced ground staff heartily welcome your youngster, turning into their impermanent travel family.  
  • They’ll calmly direct them through each step, responding to inquiries cheerfully and guaranteeing they feel great and informed.  
  • They will make the journey an enjoyable experience, answer any questions your child may have, and ensure that they feel safe and secure.  
  • It is the ideal mix of opportunity and security, allowing your little one to take a trip while your concerns stay grounded.

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Cathay Pacific Ninoy Aquino International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Cathay Pacific at MNL?

Cathay Pacific uses Terminal 3 at MNL.

What terminal is Cathay Pacific at Ninoy Aquino International Airport?

Cathay Pacific operates from Terminal 3 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

What Terminal is Cathay Pacific arrivals at MNL?

Cathay Pacific uses Terminal 3 for its arrivals at MNL.

What terminal is Cathay Pacific Departure in MNL?

Cathay Pacific utilizes Terminal 3 for its departure tasks in MNL.

How do I contact Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific can be contacted via phone +1-833-535-0003, live chat, or email.

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