Aer Lingus Airlines ACE Terminal – Lanzarote Airport


It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced traveler or just starting as a jet setter; getting around airport terminals can be a menace. Delays, lines, and logistical obstacles can easily dampen the excitement of your journey.  

Yet, worry not, Aer Lingus at Airlines Lanzarote Airport is here to smooth the way with a set-up of excellent terminal services intended to change your movement experience from unpleasant to smooth, productive, and, surprisingly, enjoyable. 

Overview of Aer Lingus Lanzarote Airport Terminal

Airport NameLanzarote Airport
Airport AddressLas Palmas, Spain
TerminalTerminal 1
Aer Lingus ACE Arrivals & Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Airport CodeACE
CityLas Palmas
Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
Aer Lingus Airlines Contact Number1 (800) 474-7424

A Plesant Arrival ACE Airport via Aer Lingus 

Lanzarote Airport Terminal – your entryway to a consistent appearance with Aer Lingus Airlines. Easy baggage processes, quick claiming, and encouraging contact. You can enjoy a light meal while customs stream easily and begin your journey where hospitality meets efficiency. 

Fly Smooth from ACE with Aer Lingus:  

You can avoid the pressure and departure easily. Moreover, check-in is a breeze thanks to dedicated counters, self-service booths, and fast-track security. You can loosen up in comfortable lounges before departure, realizing your trip begins bother-free. 

Take full advantage of your journey with the amenities available on Aer Lingus flights:

Aer Lingus Airline is aware that your trip doesn’t end at the air terminal entryways. At ACE Terminal, you’re welcomed by an ensemble of services intended to spoil all your requirements. Aer Lingus Airlines ACE Terminal has you covered whether you want a culinary adventure, a last-minute souvenir, or just to relax in the kids’ area. Investigate the ACE experience: 

  • You can relax in the lounges of airlines and airports, or you can shop at malls and shops. 
  • You can explore our numerous cafes, restaurants, and food courts for a culinary adventure. 
  • Get up to speed with work or remain engaged with our free Wi-Fi. 
  • After gliding through immigration and security, you can plan your next steps by renting a car or taking public transportation. 
  • You can easily board, upgrade your seat, and check your bags. 
  • You can glide through security checkpoints and immigration, then arrange your onward journey with car rentals or public transportation. 
  • Upgrade your seat, check your bags, and board with ease. 

Priority Check-in: 

At Aer Lingus Airlines ACE Terminal, you can achieve seamless and efficient priority check-in to make your travel more enjoyable. 

You can reduce many challenges and distractions with their dedicated check-in counters. 

With a quick check-in process, you can save time and protect your peace which improves the overall pleasure of the journey. 

Remarkable Lounges:

Enjoy peaceful minutes inside comfortable lounges, where extravagant easy chairs entice you to loosen up in a calming feel.  

You can enjoy the gentle feel of the terminal wrapping you, consistently directing you into a peaceful condition of smoothness.  

You can embrace the comfort of your environmental elements as you sink into the inviting hug of comfortable seating.  

Lost & Found Desk Assistance:

You can easily recover your lost luggage with the excellent Lost and Found service at Aer Lingus Airport.  

Their efficiently arranged work areas in terminals are available to help you.  

All you need to do is document your case and remain well-informed with updates throughout the process. 

Your lost things will be quickly and safely got back to you, guaranteeing a problem-free recovery experience. 

Special Assistance:

Aer Lingus Airlines Lanzarote Airport is focused on giving a variety of services to enhance the travel experience for people with special needs. 

Their devoted staff makes your journey as pleasant as possible and handles all your special needs, such as support during the check-in process, preferring specific seats, and more. 

Be assured that your convenience and comfort are our top priorities as soon as you enter Aer Lingus Airport. 

Assistance for Minors Unaccompanied: 

Unaccompanied Minor Assistance is available at the Aer Lingus Airlines ACE Terminal for children traveling by themselves. 

With the assurance of specialized assistance, parents can let their children travel with confidence. 

The help starts from the air terminal of the flight and goes on until the kid arrives at the objective securely. 

The assistance is to ensure that unaccompanied minors have a positive and enjoyable travel experience. 

Aer Lingus goes to lengths to ensure the security and prosperity of the youngster during the journey. 

Easy Seating Selection: 

During the process of booking a flight, you can select your preferred seat and tailor your movement experience because of individual inclinations. 

Aer Lingus Airlines Lanzarote Airport, allows you to plan your trip based on where you want to sit. 

You can select from a range of seating choices, including seats by the window for a picturesque view or aisle seats for simpler access. 

You can secure your preferred seat at the time of booking to save time. 

Wi-Fi Services:

You can remain connected consistently during your whole process by using Aer Lingus Airport Terminal’s ready Wi-Fi. 

You can access your messages and emails from anywhere, keeping in touch with friends, family, or coworkers. 

Moreover, you can make your travel experience more enjoyable by effortlessly connecting with companions.

You can make accurate plans for your activities at your destination by monitoring the weather in real-time. 

Aer Lingus Airlines ACE Terminal comprehends pets are family, so they invite little pets on trips. 

You can keep your pet to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all. 

For smaller animals, you can use a pet carrier with good ventilation and no leaks. However, bigger pets should be on a solid rope and harness. 

Your pet should stay close all through the journey and not wander freely in the terminal or transport. 

You must remember that not everyone shares our love for pets. So be aware of different travelers and keep your pet’s woofing, howling, or different vocalizations to a base. 

You make certain that your pet is healthy and up to date on its vaccinations. 

Take a Duty-Free Adventure to Unleash Your Inner Explorer: 

You can sidestep weighty expenses and go a little overboard on luxury items. You can find a secret universe of charming limits on your branded fragrances, beauty care products, and more. 

You can upgrade your life with the most recent electronics and gadgets, such as sleek smartphones, headphones with noise cancellation, powerful laptops, and fashionable wearables.   

You can uncover a flawless assortment of gems and shining fortunes at prices that will leave you breathless.  

A list of all Aer Lingus Airlines Terminals worldwide

Aer Lingus ACE César Manrique-Lanzarote Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Aer Lingus’ refund policy? 

The type of ticket purchased determines the Aer Lingus Airlines Lanzarote Airport refund policy. You can find specific details that can be tracked down in the agreements or by contacting Aer Lingus customer service. 

How can I contact Aer Lingus customer service? 

Aer Lingus gives customer service through their online Help Center number or social media platform.  

Can I get an option to manage my booking online? 

Yes, Aer Lingus Airlines ACE Terminal gives an online option to travelers to deal with their appointments.  

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