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When you plan your journey from BGW Terminal by Transavia Airlines, you are inviting luxury under your pocket. The airline has multiple designated counters that assist passengers in building their comfort. You can accomplish multiple actions from booking to cancellation and in the run if you need proper flight assistance simply connect with the customer service team for immediate support. The Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal has something for everyone regardless of their final destination or fare type they hold. You will enjoy your time by being here and take off your wings with pleasant surprises. 

Overview of Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal

Airport NameBaghdad International Airport
Transavia Airlines BGW Addressنهاية Airport St, Baghdad, Iraq
Airport CodeBGW
Transavia Airlines BGW Contact No+964 790 140 3537
Transavia Airlines BGW terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Transavia Airlines BGW terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Transavia Airlines
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Transavia Airlines Instagram

Which terminal is used by Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal?

If you’re flying with Transavia Airlines to or from Baghdad International Airport, you might wonder which terminal to go to. Most flights leave from Terminal 1 and the dedicated terminal has all the facilities you’ll need for your trip including check-in counters, shops, and restaurants. Upon arrival at the Transavia Airlines Baghdad International Airport, passengers can easily navigate their way to the appropriate terminal using signage and information displays throughout the airport. The airport staff are available to assist passengers with their travel-related concerns or directions they may need. You can perform many actions to get a desired flight journey to your designated destination. 

Services available at the Baghdad International Airport by Transavia Airlines

Easily find the right option for your needs with the assistance of the Transavia Airlines customer service team. You can accomplish check-in through priority counters and skip the lines at Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal. The airline has dedicated counters to make changes to your reservation like updating your information, switching flights, or adding extra baggage allowance. Pick your travel class, dates, and times based on what you like and what fits your budget. Find the best deal effortlessly by contacting our travel experts at +1-833–535–0003.

Plan your trip whenever it is best for you, knowing that your reservation and personal details are easily accessible. Enhance your flying experience with first-class amenities and services, such as:

  • Ticket Reservation
  • Class Downgrades and Upgrades
  • Courier Services
  • Currency Exchange Counters
  • Health Consultations
  • Device Charging Services
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Pet Assistance
  • Duty-Free Shopping center
  • Private Booths
  • Exhibition and Conference Services
  • Wi-Fi Access 
  • Baggage Allowance
  • Special Assistance Services
  • Lost and Found Counters

Rebooking Facility

When you mark your stop at Transavia Airlines Baghdad International Airport, you’ll discover fantastic flight deals waiting for you. If you need to change your flights, the team is ready to assist you with special deals. Their priority is ensuring you have a comfortable journey. Additionally, you can take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts to enhance your travel experience. You will need to pay the relevant charges along with booking fees. You must note that charges may differ depending on your destination and the fare class you won.

Baggage Allowance

Your baggage allowance depends on the ticket type you hold and flight destination. Passengers who own basic tickets have lower allowances than premium classes and you may need to pay a fee to carry your belongings with you. Check your ticket with our travel experts for specific details. You can pre-book additional bags once you exceed your free baggage limit. Save money and time by purchasing additional baggage allowance before your flight. 

Pet Assistance

At Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal, there’s a special team to help passengers traveling with pets. They make sure you and your furry friend have a comfy trip with their pet-friendly policy. Adding your pet to your booking is easy by following dedicated prompts, pay the relevant charges, and you’ll be ready for some great adventures together. To keep things smooth, you will be required to bring all the right documents like your pet’s health records and vaccination papers. If your pet carrier meets the size and weight rules, you can get a separate ticket for it.

Seat Selection Counters

Whatever you prefer, the airline has a seat that suits you. At Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal, you can make your flight more comfortable by choosing your seat as per your specific requirements. Pick a window seat for stunning views of snowy mountains, fluffy clouds, or bustling cities while paying a small amount as Transavia Seat Selection fees. Secure an aisle seat for simplicity and easy access to the cabin crew. You are free to choose your desired seat and enjoy a stress-free journey. 

Special Assistance Services

Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal offers extra help to passengers who are traveling with physical disability. Special assistance services are the best companion for people with disabilities, medical conditions, or other special needs. The Transavia Airlines customer service teams are trained to provide personal support, making sure everyone can move around the terminal safely and comfortably. They can help with things like using a wheelchair, getting on the plane first, commuting to restrooms, or finding a suitable place to sit. The airline wants to make sure all passengers have a good experience, no matter what their needs are.

Lost and Found Counters

At the Lost and Found counters, a dedicated team is committed to assisting passengers in locating their lost items. Travelers can have peace of mind knowing that the airline is fully dedicated to helping them retrieve their lost belongings. The team diligently works through each step of the process, providing cheerful and informative assistance to passengers. They ensure that travelers feel comfortable and well-informed throughout the journey of retrieving their lost items. The team at Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal goes above and beyond to ensure that the experience is enjoyable, particularly for unaccompanied children. They address your concerns and strive to be as reliable as possible.

Device Charging Services

You can charge your devices and get ready for your work thanks to various charging stations that are available at Transavia Airlines Baghdad International Airport. These services allow passengers to recharge their electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops whenever they need them. It is a convenient solution for passengers who need to power up their devices before boarding their flight. Charging services are located throughout the airport and may be available free of charge or for a nominal fee.

Cafes and Restaurants

The Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal features a variety of cafes and restaurants where passengers can dine or grab a snack before their flight. These dining options offer a range of cuisines, beverages, and snacks to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Passengers can enjoy a leisurely meal or a quick bite to eat before boarding their flight, ensuring they stay fueled and satisfied during their journey. Most of these services are paid services, so, you will need to make payment upfront to enjoy fine dining in world-renowned cafes and restaurants. 


The lounges at Transavia Airlines Baghdad International Airport provide passengers with an elevated travel experience even before they board their flights. These lounges offer a tranquil and comfortable environment that allows passengers to enjoy a sense of peace and relaxation. Passengers can access a diverse selection of entertainment options including movies, TV shows, and music, all provided through the airline’s device entertainment program. These services enhance the overall pre-boarding experience while ensuring that passengers can unwind and enjoy various forms of entertainment while waiting for their flights.

Pre-order Meals and Beverages

Maximize your in-flight experience with Transavia Airlines by taking advantage of their pre-order option for meals and beverages. The airline through this service allows you to choose from a diverse selection and ensures that your preferred options are available on board. By pre-ordering, you can avoid potential disappointment in case specific choices sell out during the flight. The airline tries its best to accommodate your culinary preferences, aiming to provide a gratifying dining experience while you’re in the air.

Courier Services

At the Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal, passengers can utilize dedicated courier service counters for secure transportation of packages to their destination. You can ship your business documents, personal items, or gifts, these services guarantee timely delivery and peace of mind for those with urgent shipping needs. The airline also offers tracking and insurance options, ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of packages.

List Of All Transavia Airlines Terminal


Terminal 1 serves as the primary terminal for Transavia Airlines flights, offering a range of amenities and services to enhance your travel experience. When you visit the Transavia Airlines Baghdad International Airport you will find everything from check-in counters and shops to restaurants and lounges that provide convenience and comfort as you prepare for your journey. The airline tries to enhance your experience with every bit of action. With a dedicated team, the airline tries its best to present you with a pleasant and stress-free flight journey. For more calmness, talk to our travel experts before arriving at the departure center.

Transavia Airlines (BGW) Baghdad International Airport  Location Map


Are booking facilities available at the BGW Terminal by Transavia Airlines?

Yes. You can reserve your preferred seat at the Transavia Airlines BGW Terminal by making your way to the reservation counter. The travel agent will try to discover all the exclusive deals to hand over a more affordable flight journey without compensating for comfort.

Does Transavia Airlines provide Wi-Fi service at the BGW Terminal?

You may gain Wi-Fi access in some sections of the BGW Terminal. Communicate with the customer service team for immediate response.

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