LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal – Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport


Traveling can be unpleasant, particularly when you need to shuffle a lot of details. This guide covers all that you want to know for a smooth and simple experience flying with LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal. You will get various significant information like baggage allowance to know what amount you can pack and prevent the extra baggage charges.  Bring your shaggy companion along by following LATAM’s pet travel services to guarantee an agreeable journey for both of you. Moreover, LATAM Airlines offers several services for travelers with incapacities or needing additional support. Know more about LATAM’s check-in cutoff times so you can show up at the air terminal calmly. Guarantee you have the appropriate documentation, LATAM Airlines Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, help you to remember the essential travel records to keep away from any last-minute scrambling.

Overview of LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal

Airport NameLeonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport
Airport CodeFCO
LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal Terminal 3
Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport AddressVia dell’Aeroporto, di, 00054 Fiumicino RM, Italy
LATAM Airlines IATA CodeLA
LATAM Airlines Ticket Counter HoursDaily 24 Hours
LATAM Airlines Contact Number00 56 2 2687 2400
LATAM Airlines Official 
LATAM Airlines
LATAM Airlines
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LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal Arrival

With LATAM Airlines, you will experience a smooth arrival and breeze through the hectic luggage interaction and guarantee your baggage quickly. Explore customs easily, limiting waiting times. LATAM Airlines’ friendly staff are there to address questions and help you all through your travel experience. While you wait, you can unwind and re-energize as well as enjoy a tasty quick bite at one of Terminal S’s many eating choices. 

LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal Departure

You will skip the pre-flight pressure and set the vibe for a loosening-up venture. LATAM Airlines FCO terminal offers a consistent travel experience from the second you show up. Devoted staff and self-service booths guarantee a fast and effective check-in process, so you can stay away from long queues and disappointment. 

Exploit their security fast track for even smoother progress. Sink into rich easy chairs, appreciate free rewards, and get up to speed with work or perusing. Allow them to assist you with removing the pressure from travel and guarantee a smooth and charming journey. 

Services at LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal

LATAM Airlines’ committed staff knows that travel can be upsetting, and their objective is to change your experience into a consistent work of art. They’ll carve out opportunities to acquaint you with the journey, guaranteeing your departure from the normal starts the second you show up at STN Terminal.  

LATAM Airlines’ staff will be there to welcome you and guide you through each step of your journey. From check-in to boarding, LATAM Airlines will deal with the details, permitting you to unwind and loosen up.  

With LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal, your travel experience will be something other than an outing; it will be a noteworthy and charming experience. You will get several services, such as; 

  • ATMs and Banks 
  • Ticket Cancellation and Reservation 
  • Pet-Friendly travel services  
  • Secure things storage spaces  
  • Remain connected with Wi-Fi and Web access  
  • Access the Lost and Found desk division for help  
  • Banking services reachable  
  • Changing spaces  
  • Family bathrooms  
  • Proficient check-in counters  
  • Support for unaccompanied minors  
  • Special services custom-made to your requirements  
  • Ticket counters for simple exchanges  
  • Proficient luggage services  
  • Data counters for inquiries  
  • Smooth pre-boarding services  
  • Airport Facilities 
  • Animal Relief Area 
  • LATAM Pass 

Priority Check-in Facility

  • With LATAM Airlines, get your process going right with devoted check-in counters at Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport.  
  • Their well-trained staff is focused on making the cycle smooth and effective, limiting the common problems and disappointments related to check-in.  
  • This guarantees a calm and pleasant start to your travel experience.  
  • By focusing on effective check-in, LATAM Airlines Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport plans to dispose of normal difficulties and nerves explorers frequently face, permitting you to unwind and anticipate your experience. 

Online Booking Facility

  • LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal makes it simpler than at any other time to book, manage, and fly with certainty.  
  • Online booking facility makes reserving easy. You will book your LATAM Airline trip in minutes from the solace of your home.  
  • Search for flights, analyze costs and travel times across different carriers, and select the choice that best suits your needs and budget.  
  • Pick your favored travel class, seat choice, and additional items, all inside the simple to-utilize online booking stage.  
  • Skip the air terminal lines and check-in for your flight directly from your smartphone, saving you important time.  

Lavish Lounges

  • Save yourself from the clamoring ruckus of the air terminal and track down your sanctuary in one of the serene lounges of LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal.  
  • Sink into the extravagant solace of their liberally measured armchairs, intended to soften away the pressure of travel.  
  • Immerse yourself in the peaceful vibe, where the delicate sound of the air terminal blurs away from plain sight, permitting you to loosen up between flights genuinely.  
  • Enjoy their superior services, explicitly organized to enhance your unwinding experience.  
  • Whether you’re leaving on your journey or getting back, their lounges offer a quiet haven, a welcome break from the steady action encompassing you. 

Duty-Free Shopping Centers

  • Set out on a worldwide shopping experience where you’ll find a gold mine of duty-excluded delights.  
  • Entertain yourself with a universe of enamoring scents, extravagant items, state-of-the-art devices, and special gifts – all at unimaginable costs.  
  • Taking care of every taste, their assorted choice guarantees a remarkable shopping experience for everybody.  
  • From tech fans to fashionistas and magnificent masters, there’s something extraordinary ready to be found.  

Baggage Policy

  • With LATAM Airlines’ adaptable baggage strategy, you can pick the baggage allowance that best suits your itinerary items, whether you’re pressing light for a speedy end-of-the-week escape or need more space for a lengthy experience.  
  • LATAM Airlines Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport offers various baggage recompenses for domestic and international flights, guaranteeing you follow specific guidelines and keep away from any last-minute surprises. 
  • By following the simple baggage rules, you can guarantee a smooth and stress-free travel insight. 
  • LATAM Airlines gives all the information you want to keep away from any extra pressure at the air terminal and spotlight on partaking in your journey.  

Pet-Friendly Policy

  • Easily bring your adored little dogs, cats, or bunny on your next experience with LATAM Airlines as they know the significance of keeping your shaggy friend close by. 
  • With LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal, you will avoid the pressure of pet hotels and enjoy an agreeable, shared venture for yourself as well as your furry companion.  
  • Their devoted group at the FCO Terminal guarantees a smooth and comfortable experience for both you and your pet.  
  • They endeavor to give a calm climate so you can both focus on enjoying the journey. 

Stable Wi-Fi/Internet Access

  • Stay associated easily with LATAM Airlines’ Wi-Fi services.  
  • Consistently trade messages, remain updated via social media platforms, and interface with friends and family through video calls while in a hurry.  
  • Improve your efficiency during your process by browsing messages, downloading pivotal records, checking weather reports, and keeping up with the work process. 
  • With their solid Wi-Fi, you won’t ever encounter departure uneasiness, making your whole process smoother and greater. 

Seat Selection Facility

  • Whether you need the quietness of a seat by the window or the simple access of a passageway, holding your spot ahead of time guarantees a more comfortable and pleasant journey.  
  • You will get several advantages of picking your seat, including loosening up with a window view and looking out at the stunning scenes, moving without any hassle, and more.  
  • Choosing your seat close to the front of the plane can assist you with keeping away from long lines.  
  • Choose seats with extra legroom or keep away from those close to loud regions like galleys or bathrooms. 

Special Assistance

  • At FCO Terminal, LATAM Airlines offers a complete scope of special needs services to guarantee a comfortable and peaceful travel insight for all travelers.  
  • LATAM Airlines offers custom-fitted help all through your journey, from check-in and exploring the terminal to boarding and deplaning.  
  • Whether you require specific guest plans, help with baggage, or have interesting dietary necessities, LATAM Airlines works with you to make a customized itinerary that takes care of your special needs.  

Lost & Found Desk Support

  • Effectively find LATAM Airlines Lost and Found assistance regions arranged all through the terminals.  
  • Document a report with details of your lost thing to start the search process.  
  • Stay informed with customary updates on the situation with your case.  
  • LATAM Airlines uses cutting-edge innovation to smooth out lost things and the executives, fundamentally improving the probability of an effective recovery.  

Unaccompanied Minors Services

  • LATAM Airlines FCO Terminal’s extraordinary ground staff are accessible to help and guide your kid all through the check-in interaction and other pre-flight processes, taking the pressure off you.  
  • This committed group guarantees a smooth and peaceful experience for both guardians and youngsters traveling alone.  
  • Whether it’s responding to questions, helping with dinners, or essentially keeping your kid engaged, their staff is there to ensure your kid is in capable hands.

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LATAM Airlines FCO Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport Map Location

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is LATAM Airlines at Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport?

LATAM Airlines operates from the Terminal 3 at Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport.

What terminal is LATAM Airlines at FCO?

LATAM Airlines utilizes the Terminal 3 at FCO.

What Terminal is LATAM Airlines arriving at FCO?

The Terminal 3 is an operational hub for arrivals at FCO.

What terminal is LATAM Airlines Departure in FCO?

LATAM Airlines utilizes the Terminal 3 for departure in FCO.

How do I contact LATAM Airlines customer service?

You can get in touch with LATAM Airlines’s customer service via email, live chat, or phone at +1-833–535–0003. Their knowledgeable staff is prepared to provide excellent solutions to make your trip unforgettable.

Does LATAM have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, LATAM has a 24-hour cancellation policy.

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