Eurowings Airlines LYS Terminal – Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport


Eurowings Airlines to get you where you need to go in comfort and with the utmost safety, offering different services to make your journey comfortable. With Eurowings Airlines LYS Terminal, you will plan your trip at reasonable costs, with the choice to add additional amenities to fulfill your needs.  Whether you’re searching for a direct and modest flight or a more comfortable involvement in need loading and processing luggage,

Eurowings Airlines at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport takes care of you. Apart from various flight choices, their staff offer premium services for seamless travel like priority check-in counters, medical help, baggage drop-off, vehicle rentals, charging stations, and shuttle services to get you to the air terminal.

Overview of Eurowings Airlines LYS Terminal

Airport NameLyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
Airport Address69125 Colombier-Saugnieu, France
Airport CodeLYS
Airport Contact Number+33 826 80 08 26
Eurowings Airlines LYS Airport TerminalTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours

Eurowings Airlines LYS Terminal Arrivals: 

Eurowings Airlines facilitates its approaching trips through the Terminal 1 at LYS, giving travelers a comprehensive range of services. These contributions incorporate easy online booking choices, a pet-friendly policy, an assigned kid’s play region, a liberal baggage allowance, and a large group of extra conveniences for a balanced travel experience. 

Eurowings Airlines LYS Terminal Departure: 

The Terminal 1 at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport will be your essential center point for Eurowings Airlines flights, specially devoted to working with Carriers’ departure activities. You can anticipate remarkable help from committed check-in counters, information/inquiries counters, and many other basic services carefully custom-made to guarantee a smooth and effective departing experience.  

Services at Eurowings Airlines LYS Terminal: 

Eurowings Airlines at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport gives a broad range of excellent services and conveniences intended to flawlessly smooth out your terminal experience. They skillfully and heartily welcome you, exhibiting a set-up of services pointed toward improving the general solace and satisfaction in your journey. 

Explore Eurowings Airlines services and amenities for comfortable journeys, such as 

  • Check-in counters  
  • Security Checkpoints 
  • Arrival and Departure Info  
  • Airline Reservation Desks 
  • Wheelchair Assistance  
  • ATMs and Banks  
  • Pet relief area  
  • Baggage allowance    
  • Wi-Fi/ Internet access    
  • Lost & Found Assistance  
  • Children’s play area    
  • Dining and food courts   
  • Unaccompanied minors’ assistance  
  • Special service  
  • Shuttle service    
  • Luggage wrapping     
  • Pre-boarding services    
  • Airport/Airline lounges    
  • Rental car service  
  • Health care service  
  • Customs and Immigration 

Seamless Booking Platform: 

  • Eurowings Airlines guarantees both security and solace all through your journey with its seamless booking facility.
  • Direct online booking simplifies the whole process, offering you the comfort of protecting your trip with only a couple of snaps.  
  • On the other hand, for customized help and booking concerns, you can visit Eurowings Airlines’ ticket counters directly at the LYS terminal.  
  • All that is required is your travel records, ID, and booking details for a quick affirmation process. 
  • Eurowings Airlines engages explorers with choices to deal with their appointments, considering helpful alterations to reservations given individual needs.  

Seat Selection: 

  • Seat selection is the best way to increase your travel experience at the Eurowings Airlines LYS Terminal.  
  • Enjoy upgraded comfort and extravagance by picking your favored seat, changing your journey into a great and essential experience.  
  • You will immerse yourself in the nicely organized standard seating choices presented by Eurowings Airlines and upgrade each part of your journey. 
  • If you want to enjoy beautiful scenes, you can choose a window seat or if you want to make your journey more comfortable, you will go for an aisle seat with extra legroom. 

Baggage Allowance: 

  • When you decide to go with Eurowings Airlines, you have the valuable chance to improve your process by upgrading your luggage as per their specified baggage allowance.  
  • By remaining informed about the allowed baggage limits and possible related costs, you can move toward your loading with accuracy, limiting any surprising difficulties at the terminal.  
  • Eurowings Airlines at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, their responsibility is to furnish you with a simple travel experience.  

Assistance for Passengers with Special Needs:  

  • Eurowings Airlines has a staff committed to guaranteeing a peaceful and obliging travel experience for travelers with special needs at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport.  
  • A team of experienced and friendly staff has been fastidiously gathered to give unmatched help, focusing on upgrading comfort all through the whole trip.  
  • Whether travelers require wheelchair help or clinical help, Eurowings Airlines succeeds in taking special care of the specific needs of each traveler.  
  • The commitment to make a consistent and lovely journey highlights Eurowings Airlines’ dedication to prosperity and fulfillment, everything being equal, especially those with special needs. 

Lost & Found Service: 

  • If you end up losing a significant thing inside Eurowings Airlines at LYS Terminal, have confidence that the trusted group at the Lost and Found assistance is committed to helping you in the recovery cycle.  
  • Go ahead and move toward the assigned Lost and Found desk assistance, where a team of knowledgeable workers is prepared to quickly deal with your request.  
  • Whether you’re struggling with delayed luggage, a damaged piece of stuff, or a lost thing, their team is tirelessly attempting to assist you with finding your stuff quickly, guaranteeing a simple goal to get you back on your journey with no further burden. 

 Eurowings Airlines at LYS Terminal offers various services to make your flight comfortable and helpful. Whether you want to add extra bags, become pet-ready, or keep engaged during your travel, Eurowings Airlines takes care of you. With in-flight food choices,

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Eurowings Airlines Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions  

Which terminal is used by Eurowings Airlines at LYS Terminal?

Eurowings Airlines operates from the Terminal 1 at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport.  

Can I pre-purchase the security fast track with Eurowings Airlines? 

Yes, you can pre-purchase the security fast track with Eurowings Airlines. 

Can I upgrade my seat before my Eurowings flight? 

Yes, you can upgrade your seat before your Eurowings flight. 

How to contact Eurowings Airlines’ customer care services?  

You can dial +1-833–535–0003 to connect with Eurowings Airlines’ customer care services.  

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