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Condor Airlines LAS Terminal offers phenomenal services on trips to dream getaway destinations all over the world. Whether you’re looking to unwind on a beach, experience in Africa, or experience different cultures in Asia, they take care of you. Explore their broad organization of routes and track down the ideal escape for you. Their friendly and attentive staff offer an assortment of travel classes to suit your budget and preferences, from comfortable Economy Class to premium Business Class. 

Condor Airlines at Harry Reid International Airport has proficient customer care assistance with informed staff at terminal inquiry counters. Their LAS Terminal offers various duty-free shops and a pet-friendly environment with a clear policy. To get to your destination faster, utilize their priority check-in system, airport lounge access, or many other options.

Overview of Condor Airlines LAS Terminal

Airport’s Name  Harry Reid International Airport
Airport’s Address 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States
Airport CodeLAS
Airport’s Working Hours 24 hours a day
Condor LAS Terminal Terminal 3
Condor Airlines LAS Contact1-866-960-7915
Official Website of Condor Airlines

Condor Airlines LAS Terminal Arrival

Condor Airlines LAS Terminal 3 offers a quick and productive arrival cycle to rapidly get you out of the entryway. Their well-trained team is easily accessible to help you, whether you need assistance with your baggage, track down your way of getting around, or just want to relax at the lounge. Their commitment to smooth help guarantees a peaceful and charming journey. 

Condor Airlines LAS Terminal Departure

Condor Airlines uses Terminal 3. Here, you can avoid the terminal stress and sail through your journey with Condor Airlines Harry Reid International Airport. This highly developed terminal limits waiting times, allowing you to discard the problem and enjoy a peaceful travel experience. Their staff is there to address your inquiries, help with check-in, and, surprisingly, give travel suggestions.  

Services at Condor Airlines LAS Terminal

At Condor Airlines, their team changed your time at LAS Terminal into a relaxing escape. Kick back in their comfortable open-seating lounges and stay associated with free Wi-Fi. On LAS terminal’s various duty-free centers, you can shop until you drop by. Book your next trip with Condor Airlines and experience a universe of unwinding with them. 

Discover various services of Condor Airlines at the LAS terminal, where comfort meets safety; 

  • Ticket Reservation Counters 
  • Ticket Upgradation    
  • Meeting Point    
  • Customs and Immigration 
  • Baggage Trolleys  
  • Check-in Facilities   
  • Baggage Storage Facilities 
  • Pet-friendly Service    
  • Changing areas  
  • Restaurants, Shops and Food 
  • Medical/Emergency benefits    
  • Things Recompense    
  • Lost and Found Department    
  • Meet-and-Greet Service    
  • Cafés and Bistros    
  • Currency Exchange and ATMs   
  • Special Assistance 
  • Information Desks/Counters 
  • Ground Transportation Services 

Baggage Allowance

  • Condor Airlines allows you to bring additional stuff past their standard free allowance, in any case, the specific standards and costs depend upon your ticket class, for instance,
  • For Economy Light: With economy light flight, zero checked baggage allowance, however, you will carry one small bag up to 7 kg with one personal item. 
  • Economy Classic and Flex: Condor Airlines allowed 1 checked baggage of up to 23 kgs and 1 small carry-on bag or personal item of max 7 kgs with economy classic and flex. 
  • Economy Best: With Economy Best tickets, you are allowed to take 2 checked baggage of 23 kgs, each and 1 small carry-on bag or personal item of max 7 kgs. 
  • Business Class: Business Class travelers can bring 2 checked baggage of 32 kgs each and 2 small carry-on bags or personal items of max 7 kgs. 

Easy Booking Options

  • Condor Airlines LAS terminal makes booking a breeze with its easy-to-understand website and application.  
  • You can search for trips to your desired destination effortlessly. See every one of your choices initially and pick the flight that accommodates your financial plan, then book your tickets directly on the site. 
  • Moreover, you can change or drop flights, add seats, pre-request food, and update your information on the web or through the application.  
  • On the other hand, you can visit Condor Airlines’ ticket reservation counters at the LAS terminal for the booking process.  

Pet-Friendly Policy

  • Team Condor Airlines LAS terminal, glad to allow your furry friend during your travels. To guarantee a smooth and lovely experience for both you and your pet, they offer a flexible pet policy. 
  • There are size constraints for pets going in the cabin, so make sure you follow their policy rules and instructions.  
  • More modest pets might be allowed to go with you in a transporter that fits serenely under the seat. For bigger pets, they offer comfortable and secure space in the cargo.  
  • Carefully, bring your pet’s health certificates, vaccination records, and all the necessary documents. For any more concerns, kindly contact their customer care team. 

Wi-Fi/Internet Access

  • With Condor Airlines at Harry Reid International Airport’s Wi-Fi services, you will exchange messages, emails, or video visits with loved ones on the ground to share updates on your journey.  
  • Get up to speed with recent events, dig into fascinating subjects, or browse for entertainment to take a break.  
  • Check the Wi-Fi entrance for your assessed arrival time to guarantee a smooth change after landing. Moreover, access weather conditions for your destination to assist you with arranging your clothing and activities upon arrival. 

Seat Upgradation

  • Condor Airlines gives you an option to create your ideal flight experience by choosing your preferred seats. 
  • Choosing seats by the window, you can look out at stunning scenes as you take off through the mists. 
  • By selecting aisle Seats, you can stretch your legs effectively and access the passageway for restroom visits or snatching a beverage without irritating your seatmates.  
  • If you book a seat close to the front, you can set out and land faster, limiting post-flight pause.  On the other hand, with bulkhead Seats, you will get extra legroom because of the wall in front.  

Special Assistance for Needy Passengers

  • Condor Airlines has a team of experts to guarantee a smooth and comfortable journey, right from the second you show up at the terminal.  
  • They’ll offer extensive help all through the check-in interaction, including assisting you with your baggage, moving a wheelchair, and any medical help. 
  • You will get guidance for completing fundamental processes or documentation to facilitate the check-in cycle.  
  • Their team can work with you to track down reasonable seats that meet your specific requirements and guarantee a comfortable flight.  

Lost & Found Desk

  • Condor Airlines LAS terminal is a dedicated Lost and Found desk created to assist you with recovering your lost things rapidly and proficiently.  
  • Their Lost and Found desk is staffed by a friendly and knowledgeable worker who is there to help you with your case.  
  • Their team will direct you through the interaction, gathering details like your flight information, a definite depiction of the lost thing, and any novel markings or labels it might have.  
  • Moreover, their Lost and Found group will keep you updated on the situation with your pursuit, furnishing you with true serenity while they work to rejoin you with your lost thing. 

Team Condor Airlines at Harry Reid International Airport endeavors to make your journey experience as smooth and productive as could be expected. Their committed team is here to help you with every one of your needs, from check-in to boarding.  

For any further inquiries or help, kindly go ahead and have their well-trained staff at the LAS terminal. They wish you a wonderful journey! 

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Condor Airlines LAS Harry Reid International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal is Condor at LAS?

Condor operates out of Terminal 3 at LAS.

What terminal is Condor at Harry Reid International Airport?

Condor operates from Terminal 3 at Harry Reid International Airport.

What Terminal is Condor Arriving at LAS?

Terminal 3 are used by Condor for arrival at LAS.

What terminal is Condor Departure in LAS?

Condor uses Terminal 3 for departure to LAS.

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